Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Yup, 15 Oct 2021Lenovo has some way to go still. Working on software update... moreSo you have no personal experience with Lenovo products, but have "heard" this or that, and are here mostly to practice your typing skills. Got it.

  • Yup

Not a sheep, 08 Sep 2021samsung better step up their game.Lenovo has some way to go still. Working on software updates and I've seen some people complain about the screen on the p11 pro 2021 part has gone dead after having it for some months. I hope they sort out their issues otherwise Samsung and xiaomi is more reliable. Their pricing had been on point and I'd really like Lenovo to teach Samsung a lesson with their overpriced tablets.

  • Pig

The current expected price for the 6/128 is $609 USD.

  • Torino

Given how long it's taken for the Pad Pro to launch in the UK, I could be waiting on this one until 2023....

  • Anonymous

I hope there will be an even cheaper version on AliExpress

  • Jake

Will buy this if its 500 dollars i will buy 3 of them im excited

  • Edo

OMG. 120hz refresh rate. Good specs. I will take this over a Samsung S7 if its cheaper. Surface Pro 8, to expensive.

  • Dan

perfect replica of samsung s7 plus but cheaper

lilshinchi, 15 Sep 2021eh ? it has the same specs as Samsung tab s7+ right ? just ... moreBetter chip with faster charging

  • Anonymous

GianTech, 30 Sep 2021No SD card slot, not AMOLED, skip.The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro does have an AMOLED screen, as is stated clearly on this page itself.

Ar, 28 Sep 2021Buy xiaomi No SD card slot, not AMOLED, skip.

  • Anonymous

Ar, 28 Sep 2021Buy xiaomi Lenovo is much better than xiaomi pad 5 pro

  • Ar

should I, 26 Sep 2021Still buy the Xiaoxin Pad 2021 Pro for 400 Euros? Or wait f... moreBuy xiaomi

  • edudan22

Much needed version for those who don't want to buy an imported product from China like the XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021.

  • should I

Still buy the Xiaoxin Pad 2021 Pro for 400 Euros? Or wait for the P12?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021I Just bought xiaoxin pad pro (p11 2021 pro) week ago ..This is the device for everyone who was complaining about the Lenovo Pad Pro/Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021. Comparing the two, this particular device adds cell call capability (but make sure the cell bands actually work with your service provider in your country, they are fine for all providers in China,) GPS, a Nano-SIM slot, 128GB more UFS RAM for as total of 256GB, and a slightly bigger screen with 120Hz refresh rate for gamers who might actually care about that. Still no 3.5mm audio port but there is a Type-C audio conversion cable included and that works fine in actual use. The original Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 now sells in China for RMB2399, around US$270. Once it is actually on the market, you can expect the larger, more feature laden device will be quite a bit more expensive but Lenovo has been pricing these new generation tablets very, very competitively thus far. To me, it looks like it is being positioned as a Microsoft Surface competitor rather than a direct competitor to the current Xiaoxin model. BTW, be careful - I bought the Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 myself months ago, lent it to my oh-so-dedicated iPad user wife, who now won't give it back and won't share either.

  • Anonymous

will keep SUrface Pro. Just put ubuntu on it

  • Anonymous

I Just bought xiaoxin pad pro (p11 2021 pro) week ago ..

  • lilshinchi

eh ? it has the same specs as Samsung tab s7+ right ? just slightly bigger screen and oled instead of suoer amoled . brb checking comparison

  • Anonymous

This is not a "P11 Pro 2021 (Xiaoxin Pad Pro)"

1. Bigger screen 12.6 vs 11.5
2. 5G vs no 5G
3. Battery 10200mah vs 8600mah

That aside, can't wait for this to release.