Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

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  • 24 Oct 2022

Make one with 512gb and sell it as 2022 version for Malaysian Market.

+ S pen
+ 5G call
+ 512gb

Good package.

    Display, 07 Jun 2022A shame that the display aint up the Xiaoxin P11Pro2021 sta... moreI've seen a comparison on YouTube, the P12 pro is actually brighter. Also the SD 870 can push 12O fps in supported games, it's not too much, having the extra Hz is nice especially for a larger screen.

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      • M amin
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      • 23 Jul 2022

      Display, 07 Jun 2022A shame that the display aint up the Xiaoxin P11Pro2021 sta... moreYea i agree but i guess u can lower the refresh rate fro 120 to 90hz t

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        • 11 Jul 2022

        1.) No Jack
        2.) Why not 4k120 ???

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          • 07 Jun 2022

          A shame that the display aint up the Xiaoxin P11Pro2021 standard.
          Great 1600p RGB OLED display in that unit with the ideal 90hz framerate, that IMO is a sweatspiot for gaming, as 120hz is a task too much for the SD870, and 90hz is preferred for battery.
          If I have the chance on a 120hz unit to choose 90hz I often chose that as I find it a aweatspot if I don't have dynamic hz.
          and are the P12pro 1600p AMOLED E5 display even DC dimmed as the OLED Xiaoxin P11pro2021 is?.
          also worth noticing the Xiaoxin P11pro2021 (Lenovo) is brighter then the P12pro-.
          P11Pro2021 is delivering 625 nits on sliders and 875nits on sunburst.

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            • K1F
            • 02 Jun 2022

            Anonymous, 25 May 2022What does China Rom mean instead of Global? Does it mean th... moreChina rom no google

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              • 3H1
              • 25 May 2022

              Anonymous, 23 Apr 2022Xiaoxin is china rom What does China Rom mean instead of Global? Does it mean the operating system is in Chinese, will it have some restrictions?

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                • uCp
                • 23 Apr 2022

                I need new phone, 14 Apr 2022What different from xiaxion version? I was searching everyw... moreXiaoxin is china rom

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                  • 14 Apr 2022

                  What different from xiaxion version? I was searching everywhere and no result.. can some one tell me ? i dont want to wasting money for low quality version

                    Moneypet, 06 Apr 2022240 ppi will hurt ur eyes Only if you stare at the screen real close, which no one will be doing.

                    243 ppi is considered very respectable for a display this size, I hope you know that.

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                      • Moneypet
                      • k34
                      • 06 Apr 2022

                      240 ppi will hurt ur eyes

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                        • XiaoxinCareful
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                        • 19 Mar 2022

                        Does this model lenovo tb q706f, 8gb/256gb come with GPS support?

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                          • 08 Mar 2022

                          The 5G/GSM version of this tab is nowhere to be found

                            240 ppi density on 12inch... of I can hear the crisp lmao

                              Anonymous, 26 Feb 2022There's no tab version of sd888.. wut? There's no such thing as a 'tab' version of chipsets (excluding mediatek). All tablets and phones use same chipsets, it's not like a laptop.

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                                • 26 Feb 2022

                                NeonHD, 21 Jan 2022Not only that, but the SD870 doesn't overheat as much ... moreThere's no tab version of sd888

                                  No HDMI in for extern display?

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                                    • CornishPixie
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                                    • 08 Feb 2022

                                    Brilliant tablet bought from Lenovo UK, but the official keyboard cover or back cover aren't available which is extremely frustrating

                                      It's held up fine in gaming here, it's a great tablet and a nice alternative to the iPad and s7+ imo.

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                                        • 08 Feb 2022

                                        MohammadRogami, 06 Feb 2022I love digital drawing and painting so much, so I love this... moreWith 88 eur i wouldn't be able to survive like 3 days in my country. Were are you from? Never seen base wage so low before.