Lenovo Vibe P1m

Lenovo Vibe P1m

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  • kurosagi_ichigo

Vekram, 30 Dec 2015how to switch to silent mode.go to home, press the volume button down until the vibrate mode is on.

  • nile

what about touch in this phone ?
does it's touch go smoothly or like the touch problems in Lenovo A6000 and k3 note?

please answer as fast as possible

thanks in advance

  • Shein

Only problem in my lenovo vibe p1m is about flashlight.My flashlight brightness is reduced.So please help me to solve this problem

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2016I'm using this phone for the last three days, the camera is good... morethis phone is anounced in october 2015. you cant use it for three years. ;)

  • Aks_

How's the touch response of p1m??

  • AnonD-477708

m using this phone since 16th December..so want to share my experience with u all >>

★ We all know, battery backup is superb..it consumes only 50-55% of battery a day with heavy usage..Along side there r many battery saving options in Settings & there is ultra-power saving button on left side of phone..but u would hardly ever need it..

★ Charging battery is another satisfied thing with this phone..i prefer to charge my phone from around 30% to 95% & it takes around 1.5 hours only.. so it does get charged very quickly..

★ Other thing i liked aboit it was Sound quality & loudness during Calls..

★ I m not impressed with its main camera, it is good enough for taking only close pics in good light only..but its front camera is good for selfies..

★ Performance wise this phone is also good,there is 2Gb Ram & u get around 1 gb of free Ram..There is no major lag & no hanging..but its defualt keyborad has some lags, while typing sometimes alphabets get missed..

★ Touch is smooth, Display Quality on screen is fine..

★ There is 16 GB Internal storage but u only 9.3 GB available..

★ U can use Both sims(micro sims) & a Memory/SD card at same time..on both sims u can use 4G.. but only on 1 at a time...bcoz when u turn on ur Data connection(internet) via any sim, then other sim Automatically goes into GSM/2g mode..

★ Headphones which this phone looks very cheap..

  • Anwar

Nithi, 29 Dec 2015Press Phone Symbol and then press square button on your mobile..... moreSolution for contacts loading problem ..
This problem is in vibe ui it cannot be solved..what you have to do simply download ASUS dialer & contact which is having zen ui and best dialer and contact I have seen after downloading simply replace yoSolution for contacts loading problem ..
This problem is vibe ui it cannot be solved..what you have to do simply download ASUS dialer & contact which is having zen ui and best dialer and contact I have seen. After downloading simply replace your phone and contact tiles with Asus phone and contact tiles...

  • AnonD-480109

I found a problem while connecting to my JBL CINEMA 350 soundbar to this using bluetooth. Phone bluetooth not displaying soundbar's device to pair it in "Available Devices" when bluetooth turned on. But i have other asus phone which is able to show soundbar and pair it up quickly.

This phone displays my PC to pair but not soundbar's. I'm not sure whats the problem with this phone. Can anyone suggest me how to solve this issue.

  • AnonD-477708

tanu, 02 Jan 2016How to open flash light on back camera.having any setting are pr... moreThere is zigzag sign on right upper side ,when u open coamera,just under camera sign..!! u just press that zizag sign..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-335124, 30 Dec 2015There is only one speaker at the left hand side.Hii how to set notification light....if anybdy knw plz suggest.

  • saikat

How can I off the vibration during typing something...

  • Anonymous

Niky, 01 Jan 2016No boss, you r wrong... Phone is very good ...m using it for the... moreI'm using this phone for the last three days, the camera is good. No issues

  • shraz

Worlds best mobile i have ever use in my life ,,1st battery is best best best ,2nd screen result is best ,3rd cam is best ,4rth 4G speed is best , all the things in this cell is best no complain using since 2 week its realy best

  • daniel

Remy, 25 Dec 2015How to stop the green led light from blinking anymore?? Use gmail app for email access purpose and remove all accounts from "email" app and unread all SMS now led blinking is stop

  • AnonD-483531

Niky, 01 Jan 2016Plz don't comment without being aware of the device...m using th... moreIs it true that it has a fast charging capabilities?

  • Lucky

ram, 31 Dec 2015Charging time taken more than 8 hours.how to activate quick char... moredrop ur phone freely atleast 1 meter hight and then charge.. Ur phone charge very fast after that

  • tanu

How to open flash light on back camera.having any setting are present in flash on & off?first time on screen off the flash light,thereafter nextime when on it does not active i.e.not on.how to solve this problem.

  • Therion

How disable or enable fast charge?

  • sharad

I am using this phone since 2 days. When i charged it using the company charger for the first time it takes 9 hours for fully charging. What can i do?
But when i used a another charger battery get fully charged in 3 hours.

  • sulfikar salim

frnds i would like to buy this phone . is it a right decision or not ..make sure is it a nice photo frnds its cpu is about only 1Ghs is it helpfull for a smooth smooth performance