Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Lenovo Vibe Z K910

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  • J
  • John doe
  • tue
  • 22 May 2019

Bought back in 2014 used until 2016 before switched to Huawei p9 and kept for second device. Absolutely held well until I sold it in 2019 for around 50 bucks

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • fC{
    • 17 Jan 2019

    It's one of best phone can say, I bought this model during their release used up to last year December main disadvantage is Internal storage problem rest of things I love this mobile. Upto 4years no problem in mobile.

      • c
      • centralb
      • LaG
      • 14 Nov 2018

      anyone knows about the K910T version, dual sim with removable battery?

        • s
        • spider
        • rX8
        • 22 Mar 2018

        bad phone the LCD not working I got black only !!!

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • wYI
          • 30 Oct 2017

          roodgietech, 16 Aug 2017Nope.here in Phil you can still have a part/parts for repla... moreSir, how much did you spend for the LCD replacement?
          Thank you

            • r
            • roodgietech
            • sxs
            • 16 Aug 2017

            BAJ, 31 Aug 2016In Philippines, this model already phased out. No more par... moreNope.here in Phil you can still have a part/parts for replacement. Like what im holding right now.just bought new lcd for my lenovo vibez k910 yesterday😉

              • W
              • Ward
              • t7X
              • 19 Jun 2017

              I have lenovo vibe z k910l i will used it more than a year but now i cannot send my text messages what will i do?please help me to fix this issue in my phone thank you.

                • R
                • Raymond
                • Nue
                • 10 Apr 2017

                nathan, 27 Jun 2016this will work for my vibe z....Its a great phone...buh iam having problem with the firmware now...nd volume keys

                  • p
                  • paradox
                  • t7X
                  • 07 Dec 2016

                  Have been using this phone for two years now. My demo was an unit demo.
                  Almost no problem at all.
                  Still no lag, charging is still OK. Very satisfied.

                    • H
                    • Harhar
                    • v0q
                    • 28 Nov 2016

                    Is there someone who could help me find a charging cable for my Lenovo vibe z k910i? The one inside the unit?

                      • H
                      • Harhar
                      • v0q
                      • 28 Nov 2016

                      I've tried using Lenovo vibe z k910i but right now my phone was already stocked. My phone wasn't able to charge or having a charging problem. But when it comes to the camera this is one of the best phone with a quality camera.. All the latest Lenovo phone I guess..

                        • D
                        • AnonD-597072
                        • t7X
                        • 13 Oct 2016

                        i did what did say about the press the power button & + volume but it doesnt work. how can i fix the signal of my lenovo k910l?

                          • R
                          • RienZ
                          • IVN
                          • 25 Sep 2016

                          It depending on the owner.If the owner keeps well,it will not be damaged.If the owner use like a cow, then it will breaks down quickly.Im using Vibe Z K910L original without any problem,from 2014 till now.If you buy a imitation set of Lenovo K910 with dual sim.It does not last long.So back to display problem.If your screen appear line.Just replace a new TP Module.It cause of pounding or fall.

                            • q
                            • qurdina
                            • gxJ
                            • 15 Sep 2016

                            1 year old batter does not charge ,bought new battery and found that the problem is from the mobile gets hot and those charge only till 1%,its a peice of junk dont buy.

                              • l
                              • lenovo user
                              • vV5
                              • 12 Sep 2016

                              i brough lenovo vibe z last year . its just fine used the phone but after one year the screen be line with diffrent colour . now i doesnt have a phone . what i would do with the phone??

                                • G
                                • GATDAMY
                                • U}}
                                • 09 Sep 2016

                                Yeah same here. I got my phone RIP then. The LCD won't be last for a long time. It'll broken soon. GODDAMN

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-581136
                                  • KZJ
                                  • 06 Sep 2016

                                  AnonD-573830, 18 Aug 2016led keep on blinking during chargingyeah.. me too.. lastly rip.. dont buy!!!

                                    • B
                                    • BAJ
                                    • vx2
                                    • 31 Aug 2016

                                    In Philippines, this model already phased out. No more parts available for repair. And the model is only 3 years old :(

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-576589
                                      • v3A
                                      • 26 Aug 2016

                                      DO NOT buy this phone, not worth it. Same thing with Lenovo laptop. Specs seems good with the price but hardware sucks.

                                      Got my Vibe Z last year around June 2015, then the phone goes blinking disco light on me. Sent to service center, wasted some money but nothing is fixed. After 2 weeks out from service center, it wont even turn on. Additional point is the phone heat easily. I have used Sony Ericson, HTC both phone used for 3years +. Lenovo only 1year just after warranty problem starts bcm serious, I cant use it anymore.

                                      Now im phoneless and have to look for new phone.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-573830
                                        • tVX
                                        • 18 Aug 2016

                                        led keep on blinking during charging