Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

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  • Officer elect
  • Nu7
  • 05 Feb 2024

Wish to update or upgrade because it contains virus

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    • Anonymous
    • m}B
    • 20 Dec 2022

    Have an old one lying around. Were everyone always stuck with Kitkat? Lenovo should be embarrassed who never bothered with updates 😳

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      • Anonymous
      • F9v
      • 26 Sep 2022

      got this tablet about a year ago off a friend works ok bit slow but nothing terrible but the battery is amazing im still getting over 13 hours of screen on time watching vids listening to music all the normal activity's

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        • raghava
        • U{h
        • 06 Oct 2020

        I'm using a Lenovo tablet 2014 model wifi is automatically disconnected in the tablet when I switch on the wifi sometimes I check the device it is connected or not that is automatically disconnected how to solve the issue

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          • Anonymous
          • xBU
          • 31 Jan 2020

          WLAN not working and do not know what to do, even reset didn't help.

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            • omg wtf is this!
            • S6%
            • 15 Nov 2018

            Well after not being able to access the setting or even swap to the second desktop a reboot resulted in the table hanging on the logo screen. So far 5 hours and still looking at a logo.

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              • Emma Grattan
              • nGD
              • 29 Oct 2018

              Is there any way of being able to video call through WhatsApp on my Lenovo Yoga laptop?

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                • AnonD-53340
                • H5R
                • 06 Dec 2017

                A great well thought out tablet.
                Those who have left petty criticisms like "I can't make any phone calls on it ?"
                Well use your mobile phone!!
                I suspect that opposition companies are responsible for many of the pointless negative comments left on this site.

                conclusion: i recommend the lenovo yoga 10HD+ as a good all rounder Tablet...

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                  • Sammydiretct
                  • fsV
                  • 16 Sep 2017

                  AnonD-501474, 16 Feb 2016Most apps are not compatible with the yoga B8080-H.especial... moreDownload APTOIDE from play store, install it
                  You can then install any apps you want. Don't forget to click the Download from Unknown Sources from Settings.
                  Thank me later

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                    • Lonnie
                    • 42v
                    • 24 Feb 2017

                    Piece of shit tossed waste of money and 2 bad motherboards. Looks good in trash.

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                      • Sid
                      • Nu7
                      • 16 Jan 2017

                      With Bluetooth headset u can recieve calls only but cant dial outsorry :(

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                        • B_K_N
                        • ypd
                        • 23 Dec 2016

                        there is no lollipop update to this tab.this tab is now becoming hang. Its need a firmare update. need immediate answer.

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                          • AnonD-605205
                          • ssY
                          • 01 Nov 2016

                          Can you please let me know that can we use this tab as a phone? i mean can we consider as a cellular device? if yes tell me how we can dial number and listen incoming calls

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                            • Anonymous
                            • X}$
                            • 07 Sep 2016

                            How would I find the attachments like key etc

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                              • tycindo
                              • NuU
                              • 04 Aug 2016

                              So are you telling me that it will be solved as time goes on or please help

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                                • tycindo
                                • NuU
                                • 04 Aug 2016

                                Have you find the solution about how to make voice calls on Lenovo yoga 10 tablet

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • fuN
                                  • 14 Jul 2016

                                  Pls how do I make video calls like Skype and IMO calls..,.does it support it

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                                    • AnonD-501474
                                    • NXn
                                    • 16 Feb 2016

                                    Most apps are not compatible with the yoga B8080-H.especially the updated ones WhatsApp bbm the updated version are not compatible, what is the solution to this

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uuv
                                      • 14 Nov 2015

                                      AnonD-302542, 30 Aug 2015i hated it at first because the performance wasn't that go... moreYes

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                                        • AnonD-229163
                                        • tue
                                        • 18 Oct 2015

                                        Been using Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ (3G + wifi) (SMS, 3G & wifi only) since Feb'15 - July'15, & here is what i feel about it:
                                        * Been using it for working purpose as my previous job require frequent travelling
                                        * Sell it not because of device issues, but new job requirement doesn't fit with the device function

                                        - Function as mini laptop; lighter & more portable
                                        - Kickstand make it easier for typing, watching movie & else
                                        - Good gaming performance
                                        - Expandable memory/storage
                                        - OTG support
                                        - Nice camera & picture quality (for tablet)
                                        - Loud & nice sound
                                        - Long lasting battery - up to 5 days with MINIMUM usage/standby time
                                        *Recommended for traveller/work that required outstation a lot as it serve well as a mini laptop

                                        - No calling function (makes purchasing data harder) (there is version that can make call)
                                        - Heavier compared most of the devices out there
                                        - Multitouch doesn't work well
                                        - No camera flash
                                        - Longer charging time (up to 4-6 hours from low battery to full charge)
                                        * Might not suitable for those who doesn't like to carry extra weight