Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

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  • Anonymous

Prakash K, 11 Dec 2013Hi Guys, I bought Nexus7-2013, still not received, in trans... moreYes its wise its 2020 and its still alive

  • a Lenovo user

July 2020...
Runs much better than iPadMini2 on PrimeVideo & uTube! ChromeUp dates also...
Just upgraded (by itself) to 4.4.2 Android. about 7 updates, total, (around 600+ MB's) The updates did many things, removed their browser (Lenova's) added 14+ hours of battery life, optimizing software.
This doesn't even make sense, made in - 2013 - and still is very useable, (in 2020) battery life is amazing, over 35 hours easily, stereo sound is great.
What a really great product! Who would have believed 7 years after manufacturing it's still in use??
...get one and be surprised, use as a super portable web-browser, video player, w/great sound & amazing battery life. 🙂

  • Dimitris

After 4 years.. may take a while to load but the battery is fantastic and everything runs ok. But again.. takes a bit to load stuff (its only 1gb ram dont forget!!!)

  • AnonD-742153

a user, 05 Sep 2017will it ever get a lollipop update? Nah

  • Muhsin

Get hang very easily and most of the times stuck on booting and the latest os version is 4.4.2 KitKat.

  • a user

will it ever get a lollipop update?

  • Emmanbest.

my Lenovo Android Version 4 2 2, Model number Lenovo B6000_H, Hardware Version B6000_H and Software VersionB6000_131008 the screen got broken and am in Rivers State Nigerian. ho can l get a new screen to replace it. I have check within l can see one.

  • mr twist

Have been using this for 2 years around, not satisfied at all. Gets hanged very easily. Back camera is said to be 5mp but doesn't seem like so. You cannot do many other simple and common things like taking a photo using messenger and watch Facebook live with this devise. A samsung will do much better.

  • Anonymous

I did not charge my Lenovo for 6 months. What will happen?

  • AnonD-606210

Can the battery be replaced, being worn out, Model No Lenovo 60044

  • Cleoford

isn't have a otg support ?

  • AnonD-603605

AnonD-545880, 07 Jun 2016my tablet is not detecting sim card after i put him on airp... morelol of course. Airplane mode is a setting that prevents the device from sending or receiving calls and text messages.

  • jimmy

Haseef, 23 Oct 2016I used my lenovo tablet 8'' since 2013 i never ever got a s... moretry to change new battery. i have one but diffrent brands. can not recharge battery when i change new one it work again.

  • Haseef

I used my lenovo tablet 8'' since 2013 i never ever got a single problem but now sometimes it"s shutdown and can"t be restart, can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem please, thanks a million


How to make voice calls on lenovo yoga 8 tab

  • Al

Is the yoga tablet really bad for games? The games are like slow motion, like a lag.

  • P k Gupta

Lenovo yoga 8 B6000 will support Reliance Gio 4g or not?

  • bina

Anthonykyle, 19 May 2016Why can't I make phn calls from my lenovo tab it has sim sl... morethere are different models in this series, chk ur model , only B8000-HV model has data and voice. if it is B8000 H, then only data will be there ( no voice), and only B8000 will have no data or voice.hope this helps

  • Х&#108

Priyanka, 18 Jul 2016Mine too. Have you got any solution you can use the phone as a modem and your tablet will have a wonderful Internet thus.I have the same tablet I use Internet in the manner described.

  • Priyanka

Charan, 25 May 2016I have Lenovo Yoga Tab, its touch is not working properly s... moreMine too. Have you got any solution