Lenovo Z5 finally up for an Android Pie update. Soon…

Victor, 09 March 2019

Lenovo's obsession with the Z5 leading up to the phone's release was definitely a sight to behold back in June. Clearly strong enough to fan the flames, sell-out initial stocks in the blink of an eye and top JD's top selling list. And then, just as quickly as it started, the hype train ground to a halt and Lenovo moved on to other projects, like the Z5s and more-recently the Z5 Pro GT. Each one seemingly giving way in the spotlight to the next and then slipping into obscurity.

Change log
Change log

While Lenovo clearly failed to deliver on the promise of a quick update to Android Pie and ZUI 4.0, Z5 owners can timidly rejoice at the news of an internal ROM that is apparently already in the testing stages and hopefully inbound to end-user devices soon enough. As per the release notes, this new OS indeed includes an Android core update over to Pie, with ZUI 10 on top.

The latter features a major focus on UI improvements with things like 4D U-touch gesture, magic input box and the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode. Other little additions include a built-in calorie tracker, support for quick and secure mobile payments and a "desktop editing" mode, whatever that is. A renewed face recognition unlocking mechanism is inbound as well. Underneath the hood, Lenovo claims to have implemented kernel-level improvements to both performance and battery efficiency.

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It was Mate S china exclusive not much popular and I think Meizu had one too

  • Anonymous

Sar value

  • Anonymous

I think Huawei did, but on what model i don't know (maybe Mate 10 or something like that in the past)

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