Lenovo Z5 Pro GT pops up on Geekbench with Snapdragon 855 on board

Ro, 09 January 2019

Lenovo announced the first smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Z5 Pro GT last month and now we get to see its first benchmark scorecard.

The score sheet says the handset tested is the Lenovo L78032 with 6GB of RAM, an octa-core Qualcomm processor and runs Android 9.0 Pie out of the box. This contradicts the official specs of the handset as there are only 8 and 12GB memory variants but then again, the single-core and multi-core scores are in line with what we expect from a Snapdragon 855 and certainly more than the Snapdragon 710 found on the Z5 Pro and Z5s can pull off.

After all, the phone is still being tested internally, so perhaps that's why the unit at hand has only 6GB of RAM. One thing is for sure, though - the release date is getting closer as pre-orders start on January 15.



Reader comments

Indeed that is possible, the score fluctuates from test to test. Mine jumps +/- 2% on a none scientific estimation.

  • Anonymous

Ive gotten singlescore: 3450 and multi :10300 on my mate 20

  • Joe

Lenovo makes a lot of weird decisions. Developing a new Moto phone? Let's scrap it and release it as a Lenovo device, then we can kill support for it faster. Let's make a brand to fight with Xiaomi (Even though we've already priced our phones aggress...

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