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is there an indonesian language or not?

ac, 20 hours agoI recently bought this phone, however I'm not able to ... morebro,,lenovo z6 pro has chinese & english language only,,or it has any other language,,is there indonesian or not?

  • ac

I recently bought this phone, however I'm not able to add the "lock screen message" on the phone. Is this a normal for this UI?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2020emmc... No thanks.That is incorrect, as was commented quite a while back.

  • Anonymous

emmc... No thanks.

  • Anonymous

Does it has torch option

  • Vamp

Mimama, 06 Jul 2020Malaysian here too, kinda interested in this phone, how do ... moreI bought through shoppe..

  • Zon

Mimama, 06 Jul 2020Malaysian here too, kinda interested in this phone, how do ... moreOrder one in Aliexpress

  • Vamp

Alexander, 07 Jul 2020YesCan u show me the step how to use the screen recorder?

  • Alexander

Vamp, 25 May 2020Did lenovo z6 pro had screen recording?Yes

  • Mimama

Vamp, 12 Jun 2020Already fully check at general setting but don't have sreen... moreMalaysian here too, kinda interested in this phone, how do you find your phone?

  • yosi

explicitly will not be android 10 for the global version so stop everyone ask the same question everytime


  • Anonymous

Bigboy, 02 Jul 2020Android 10 missing or stuck ?What does this comment even mean? Try to spend a few moments to offer some details when you post so readers understand your question or problem. 11.5.381ST is the latest version of Lenovo's ZUI ROM which went to Android 10 last year. That is if you have the Z6 Pro with the English and Chinese ROM version. If you have the global ROM, likely bought in Europe, you are a couple of versions behind but still have a well functioning Snapdragon 855 powered, near flagship, phone for very little money spent compared to other phones. If you would like to check out alternatives to the Lenovo ROMs, they are out there now and can be discussed at the Telegram group someone posted a few days ago or at xda-developers.com Android forums. Using those are completely at your own risk and likely void your warranty, especially if they break/brick your phone, but hey, their independent customizations are usually well discussed so you can ask questions and expect answers that are more technical than here.

Android 10 missing or stuck ?

  • John

Does the lenovo stop the production of this phone? So limited stocks here in Philippines

  • Jj

System there without dark mode it's too bad for vision

  • Anonymous

Just got another OTA update of ZUI to Version 11.5.381 ST. I am using a Z6 Pro with the English/Chinese ROM. The update is 251MB and install with reboot took about ten minutes. The description says this is an Android 10 security update, corrects a few voice recording issues and other minor enhancements. Reading earlier comments about some high speed memory card incompatibility, this update specifies that issue is addressed in this latest version. So if you have this issue specifically it is worth doing the install and testing with your problematic memory card. I haven't checked out what may have changed in the phone's feature set yet, but Lenovo does offer optional enhancements in the UI with each update.

I am r

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2020my last update was 11.0.123 global version and i can still ... moreUntil now got update for ZUI?

  • Jie

What is the latest ZUI version for global rom? I heard that ZUI 11.1 has several update such as EIS for major camera.

  • Vamp

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2020Because you don't know how to use your phone? Go to your Se... moreAlready fully check at general setting but don't have sreenshot & recording screen setting...maybe different set between u & me..mine is Malaysian Set..and u?