Lenovo Z6 Youth

Lenovo Z6 Youth

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  • Goddy
  • CGH
  • 30 Oct 2021

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2021Hello Guys, How i can install this Chinese ROM on my Lenovo... moreYeah u can

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    • Anonymous
    • 3PF
    • 12 Jul 2021

    Hello Guys, How i can install this Chinese ROM on my Lenovo Z6 Lite ?
    Actually from where i can download this Chinese ROM based on Android 10 ?

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      • The BiG Jhay
      • KgW
      • 20 Apr 2021

      Screen freezing on stock rom...dont buy this phone

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        • Tembs
        • NXP
        • 13 Jan 2021

        Duke, 19 Dec 2020Just reflash to the CN version, I'm on android 10 now ... moreHow did you flash?

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          • Duke
          • 0U9
          • 19 Dec 2020

          Bernie1, 04 Oct 20201. GPS doesn't work. Doesn't move as you move. 2... moreJust reflash to the CN version, I'm on android 10 now with OTA enable and working, Google play working; GPS accurate

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            • Anonymous
            • Nue
            • 11 Oct 2020

            Ruriko, 03 Oct 2019Does this phone have the ability to hide notch?No

              1. GPS doesn't work. Doesn't move as you move.
              2. Netflix doesn't work. Phone not compatible with the app
              3. Camera freezes and sometimes crashes or does not save photos
              4. When making calls, my ear touches the screen n launches apps/applications all over. After every call, I ll have to cancel changes made to other apps that were activated during my phonecall

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                • Bernie
                • XBA
                • 04 Oct 2020

                Its not a good phone.
                I noticed Google Maps doesn't work on it. When u launch the app, it shows your location but does not move with you (giving you directions).
                Also, the phone is no compatible with Netflix.
                Again, when making calls, your ear activates screen and presses all apps, changing settings. After every call I have to start going backwards and canceling changes that my ear may have activated, or deleting photos that my camera had taken.
                Finally, the camera is whack. Clear but unreliable. You snap a pic and it doesn't save. Sometimes it just shuts down/crashes on its own when using it.
                Whacky phone

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                  • Antiope22
                  • fXV
                  • 26 Sep 2020

                  Very good phone with chineese ROM in english, it's ok, update, very light, fast, beautiful, good camera, amazing for the price even in 2020 with Android 10.

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                    • Alif
                    • rKg
                    • 30 Aug 2020

                    I'm getting problem screen freezing.screen Some time good work. Some time freezing

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                      • Elmo
                      • 4Ag
                      • 21 Aug 2020

                      This phone is amazing. Except that the GPS rarely ever works on most non-chinese ROMS and will eventually crap out randomly. Avoid at all costs if you want both GPS and your sanity.

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                        • John
                        • t7J
                        • 16 Aug 2020

                        Dont buy this phone lots of users of this phone has the same issue with it has screen freeze issue that is unable to fix

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                          • john
                          • sxs
                          • 13 Aug 2020

                          i have problem with my z6 light, it has screen freezing issue on its touch screen..

                          and any way, can anyone help me to find battery replacement for z6 light? it so hard to get one here in the philipines..

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                            • Jumper
                            • 3Ae
                            • 08 Aug 2020

                            mackie, 17 Jul 2020sir/maam.. it pick my interest in this unit.. is this worth... moreFantastic overall performance for the money and amazing battery autonomy. Cameras are the best at the "under 200$" range. The combination of a light UI, fast cpu, great LTS display and great system stability make it A best buy. Go for it on the global version which is K10 Note and takes regular updates.

                              Update issue i am stuck at android 9.0 global vendor. You can update it to Android 10 with Chinese vendor. ZUI v11.5.160. otherwise its a great phone. I would say best in class. Go for it

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                                • mackie
                                • sBS
                                • 17 Jul 2020

                                Kulits, 29 Jan 2020Yes, im using itsir/maam.. it pick my interest in this unit.. is this worth to buy? how your experience?? in gaming, camera, performance in browsing and watching movies

                                the specs is good for a midrange phone.. pls help me.. tnx

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                                  • AR
                                  • at1
                                  • 28 Jun 2020

                                  This phone is very good for gaming

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                                    • Ar
                                    • at1
                                    • 28 Jun 2020

                                    Hello, 14 Jan 2020Is this worth to buy even we are in 2020?Yes

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                                      • Bahy Ali
                                      • 3r5
                                      • 08 May 2020

                                      Please guys .. 2 Quistions
                                      * Is there a Dark mode on the Lenovo z6 youth ?!
                                      * the back is Plastic or Metal ?!
                                      Thank you

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • x7v
                                        • 26 Feb 2020

                                        Zakir Saudi Arabia, 12 Dec 2019Camera hanging too much. You can't take picture Network ve... moreSame