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  • Keval
  • X}L
  • 07 Jul 2020

Guys I had previously flashed Lineage OS (android 9)...and now have flashed the original ROM back, but the phone keeps restarting suddenly in no specific pattern....
Can anyone tell me what would the issue be?

    Anon, 13 Feb 2020Had this phone for just about 3 years, purchased in early 2... moreYou can replace the battery yourself. Just need a hairdryer to soften the glue on the back cover, then prise it open with a knife or something. There's a resounding verdict online that the LEHEHE battery on AliExpress is the best replacement. I have ordered a couple but it will take a few months to arrive.

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      • Anon
      • n4y
      • 13 Feb 2020

      Had this phone for just about 3 years, purchased in early 2017. Great performance wise, no issues except for not being able to upgrade the OS leading to some apps lagging in the late stages of it's life (maybe I'm just tech-illiterate, but i don't know how to upgrade the OS).

      The battery life started to drastically slow down after 2 years, only lasting about 3 hours even though fully charged. Couldn't replace the battery as its non-removable, will look into purchasing a phone with removable battery as I'm very meticulously careful of my phones.

        I've had this phone for over 3 years. It still holds up well and I don't encounter much in the way of performance issues. The stock ZUI ROM is OK but I would recommend switching to a custom ROM. From my experience the most stable ones are Pixel Experience and LineageOS for Android 9. None of the Android 10 ROMs support encryption as of yet.

        The main downsides of this phone are the camera, which is just satisfactory at best, and the eMMC storage has slow write speeds which can cause crashes when downloading larges files on superfast network connections.

        Right now I am waiting for a replacement phone to come along. I refuse to purchase anything with AMOLED displays, notches or punch-hole cameras, so the wait continues into 2020.

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          • rahul
          • upf
          • 25 Dec 2019

          Joseph techie, 20 Jun 2019this phone is very capble and is still capable to bust the ... morewhere you got it for 4k was looking to buy this again

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            • Adnan
            • 56F
            • 18 Dec 2019

            Priyanka, 03 Feb 2017Since I am a selfie lover.... Therefore can any one of you ... moreSince I'm too late but still using this phone from about 2 years or more and using custom rom with Google camera and satisfied with it, professional quality selfies ati hain 😃

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              • Rico
              • XSq
              • 18 Nov 2019

              Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019How can I fix the Volte problem ?Factory reset your phone. It will better if you reset your phone from boot menu. Search Google to know more about it.

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                • Anonymous
                • sSM
                • 22 Sep 2019

                Anonymous, 18 Oct 2018please dont buy this phone, thia phone has serious issues, ... moreHow can I fix the Volte problem ?

                  this phone is very capble and is still capable to bust the asses of many phones under 10k out there I bought it after doing a lot studies the custom ROM dev for this device is amazing I would probably say the most supported in XDA as per knowledge , once you flash a jaguar ROM from optimum pro youxwill see that it even smokes out a one plus 3t😂😂 I bought it for 4k one year back but unfortunately its display and glass broke due to an accident but again o bought this phone for 4k what more can you get from 4000??? ( second )

                  bottom line : trust me this thing still rocks in 2019 , maybe by 2020 or 2021 I would take another z series probably z6 pro

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                    • vcsdl
                    • utt
                    • 20 Jun 2019

                    techy bee, 27 Dec 2018you can also cook omlette on its back ( its that hot while ... moreOh, so you use mobile phone back as cooking tops...I see

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                      • Raj
                      • rKa
                      • 24 May 2019

                      In this phone can we activate VOWIFI, any one using this feature

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                        • Anonymous
                        • D06
                        • 05 May 2019

                        I cannot able to charge my mobile with PC using usb cable. How can i do that any idea?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ijX
                          • 21 Mar 2019

                          best cheap 820 phone i ever owned for 1.5 years pretty fast and the utouch is amazing, but you really need to learn how to flash roms just flash it to china rom on oreo, holding it unironically feels great better to use than mix 2s , if you can deal with some bug and 820 heat this phone is for you. mix 2s got screen scroll blur issues it use a pretty bad screen makes me want to vomit, but my zuk z2 is completely clear and fine.

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                            • Oli
                            • NRN
                            • 12 Mar 2019

                            Though its a bit aged meanwhile, the phone is still powerfull enough for Pie ROMs and also well equipped.
                            The cam quality could be better but with latest gcam updates also that gap is nearly closed. I keep my Z2 Plus as long as I can. No need to upgrade.
                            There is a pretty big custom ROM community that keeps the phone up-to-date which is way more worth than the latest, hottest, nicest phone which stays with the stock ROM after a year.

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                              • aonimous
                              • rih
                              • 12 Jan 2019

                              I bought it in 2016 and come with two virus in the root of the system. Never receive support from the lenovo company neither the vendor.

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                                • techy bee
                                • XNt
                                • 27 Dec 2018

                                Anonymous, 01 Dec 2018I have thus phone for almost 1.5 years. I have never rooted... moreyou can also cook omlette on its back ( its that hot while playing pubG)

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • f}m
                                  • 01 Dec 2018

                                  I have thus phone for almost 1.5 years. I have never rooted it. Its still running on orignal rom. I have zui 4.0 now as i get a official update. PUBG runs butter smooth now. Still its battery keeps all day when normal use and when i use for PUBG it goes for 3 to 3.5 hours. This phone is much better then other Chinese flagship phones.

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                                    • Nonononoki
                                    • mip
                                    • 20 Nov 2018

                                    Santhosh, 19 Nov 2018It's advisable to buy this phone in any year if you get it ... moreI own this phone and I do not recommend buying this phone in 2019 because official driver support has ended. Custom ROMs can only do so much, it's a miracle it got a a working 4.4 Linux kernel, although just a "beta". New phone (with a more recent SoC) still have 2 years of driver support and already run the newer 4.14 Linux Kernel.

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                                      • Santhosh
                                      • D0Y
                                      • 19 Nov 2018

                                      Anonymous, 24 Apr 2018Is it advisable to buy it in 2018 or should I go with asus ... moreIt's advisable to buy this phone in any year if you get it below 10k and ur ready to unlock bootloader and install custom ROMs

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                                        • Manimalls
                                        • rKH
                                        • 09 Nov 2018

                                        Dear friends anyone tell me how to update Oreo 8 os in lenovo zuk z2 plus