LG Arena hits the million mark in sales worldwide

25 August, 2009

Today LG proudly announced that their multimedia handset LG KM900 Arena exceeded one million units sold around the world, following the steps of the 5 million Cookies and 5 million Viewties spread around the globe.

LG Arena was announced back in February during the MWC 2009 and was released in late April this year. It targeted the multimedia class and its pre-orders and first week sales were very promising (actually LG were touting one million pre-orders and subsequently orders even back then). However it seems that now, four months later, they've finally hit the millionth milestone for real.

While LG gives the credit of Arena's success to the attractive S-Class interface, the Dolby and DivX technologies and the "outstanding" audio and visual experience, it's more likely good marketing more than anything else, if you ask us.

We admit we are fans of the S-class UI and the LG Arena as a whole, but as user reports have it, it's been plagued by several issues concerning poor implementation of features or just plain limitations.

The Dolby sound enhancement may be nice, but the DivX playback capabilities are pretty limited (video resolution and bitrate wise). There are also numerous issues with the integrated GPS receiver and there is hardly an adequate Java SatNav software available.

And finally, the available third-party applications are not quite optimized for the LG Arena high-res touchscreen display and most of the times you get low resolution output and unwieldy on-screen controls that offer average user-friendliness.

LG Arena sold in one million units in 53 countries across the globe and we bet its success is far from ending. If LG continue their good marketing strategy and put their foot down to the metal with their upcoming AppStore, we are sure that the KM900 Arena will join the LG Cookie and LG Viewty on the 5-million podium.