LG adds two more Tone Free earbuds with ANC, UV self-cleaning

Yordan, 27 July 2021

LG might be done with the smartphone business but the company has no intentions to stop developing accessories for them. The latest proof is the launch of two additions to its new Tone Free TWS lineup - the FP9 and FP5 join the already announced FP8.

The new earbuds have shorter stems, promote an active lifestyle with IPX4 protection and Active Noise Cancellation with three different modes.

LG brings three new Tone Free earbuds with ANC, UV self-cleaning

All three pairs have Spatial Processing from Meridian Audio which helps deliver more immersive audio experience simulating sound coming from all directions. There is also a software enhancement called 3D Sound Stage which boosts the audio for a “more captivating listening experience”.

Each earbud has three microphones, and the FP series has a new Whispering Mode - it allows the use of the right earbud as a microphone when held close to the mouth for delicate environments like the library or the subway.

LG Tone Free FP series LG Tone Free FP series LG Tone Free FP series
LG Tone Free FP series

LG brings the UVnano charging case from the FP8 to the FP9 as well - it reduces bacteria on the earbuds’ speaker mesh by 99.9% in just five minutes of charging.

Another cool feature of the FP9 is its acting as a wireless audio dongle - simply plug the case into a console or a laptop/PC and enjoy the low-latency sound.

LG brings three new Tone Free earbuds with ANC, UV self-cleaning

The LG Tone Free FP9, just like the LG Tone Free FP8, offer up to 24 hours of battery life, with earbuds playing up to 10 hours between charges, but that’s with the ANC off. The FP5 capabilities are slightly less impressive - 22 hours total, 8 hours on a single charge.

LG did not reveal the price of any of the buds but promised sales will start “this month in key markets” in “sophisticated colors” such as Charcoal Black, Pearl White, and Haze Gold, but the FP5 won’t get the last one.



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You don't need to put them in your mouth directly, but you do handle them and then scratch your face etc. Ear wax you can clean yourself quite easily, cleaning the bacteria off earbuds is a bit more complicated. I agree that it is not supe...

Exactly, totally useless really. They throw two low power UV leds inside that cost probably less than 10cents just to advertise it as super clean... when in reality they will be in the same state as any other earbuds: covered in wax and sweat... Un...

  • Anonymous


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