LG C105

LG C105

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  • kc

my phone on longer supports twitter again...y?

  • Anonymous

my lg c105 does nt want 2 watch videos 4rm da internet nd also doe not support youtube,i cant dowload videos in any website,any i cnt download anythng,plz help i need 2 download sme videos nd music

  • playa

Gaurav, 18 Dec 2011Does dis fone support youtube or not plz reply as soon as possible????no it does not surport youtube

  • AnonD-37522

my phone hst stopped working.if it goes on it only shows lg nd nothing more,.why?pls i need your help immediately

  • dankwart

why can't i download with my phone?

  • gslikerman

this phone does not support youtube

  • Nhlanhla

I bought da lg c105,i went on 2 facebook nd twitter,ts waz okey,i wantd 2 upload pictures on facebook bt its ddnt wanna do dat,i also tried to send ma friend a pic on mxit bt ts refused,nd smetimes its refuses 2 get in 2 mxit,nd switchez itself off.

  • random dude

does this fone support youtube?

  • Gaurav

Does dis fone support youtube or not plz reply as soon as possible????

  • nate

KERSHNI, 21 Nov 2011worst phone on the marketwhy is it worst phone

  • AnonD-32974

Am not able to connect to internet please assist soonest.

  • TC

it s any free code reset or wipe security code for lg c105


worst phone on the market

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone hoping is the best but ever since it makes me mad it refuse to set up email and when am on facebook it refuse to load my profile picture even on 2go it says my phone not support this pls any1 pls assist if is true it dnt support this or is just my my phone has a problem

  • Cossy

The brand is a good one coz i use it, but i want to know if i can download the wattapplication too like other nokia phones do. thanks from Nigeria.

  • Lola

LG mad, 04 Oct 2011Yes ,you can use facebook, twitter and all the nice stuff, just ... moreCan I use Mxit aswell??

  • AnonD-30694

its a very nice phone,go for it.

  • informer

For anyone who wants a phone to call,text,listen to music and an average internet user,this is the phone.for anyone who wants to download Ebuddy,opera mini and othe r applications go to www.Getjar.com.Its music player is near perfect as it comes with equilizers and a 3.5mm jack that gives you an array of headphones to choose from.
all said and done this phone is for the text maniacs and calling as its signal is very strong.If you are an internet addict please look elsewhere and dont forget to dig your hands deeper into your pockets.Nothing comes cheaper than the Lg c105 pple,run and get one while you still can.

  • cj

I bought a new LG C105 but after using it for one month it Just switched off.ithought the battery was low but it couldnt charce,i removed the battry and tried it again nothing hapen.my request is if there is any advice you can give me to try because it had a warranty bt i bought it in south africa but am in malawi.i still feel its a small problem because my friend has the same brand and its perfectly working.Thanks

  • xu

karan, 05 Jan 2011hey can u tll me - ebuddy is nt working in dis phone nd how it work
Ebuddy works on this phone. Find a site that has the Ebuddy.jar then go to that site and download it.

But make sure you download it from a site that doesn't check your phone's model number because I don't think the LG C100 is **officially** supported by Ebuddy but it works..... I installed it on my girlfriend's phone.