LG C1200

LG C1200

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  • Andrew

Cool looks, very compact and light
... but poorly-organized, non-intuitive interface, poor manual and rubbish ringtones. Overall, average.

  • Gerg

This phone rox!

  • steve ranweiler

i just wanna kno some more information on your cell phone and the options they can have with it.

  • george

dont even tink bout buyin thr fone
so rubbish

  • Nenad

I am from CROATIA.LG C1200 is beautifull.

  • 4you2xl

Hallo LG,
i`m from germany and i have a problem with my mobile-phone LG C1200 IMEI: 353583-00-029209-2, i need for my phone unlock code, please help me, i have only one code free now from ten.

  • macak612

Nice phone...

  • moses john

hello LG,
just i bought LG1200 mobile a month ago in England. but i would like to unlock my mobile, but i could not. so, Please..Please could you send me the unlocking code for this mobile. that would be really greatful. God Bless You.

  • gaffa

just bought this fone and its awesome :D

  • micheal toba


WE have been try to unlock your gsm phones in our country, but we can find it easy to unlock.eg c1200 pls kind send us the unlocking code for this c1200
thank you

  • kanchana

iam from srilanka. i have a lg c1200-t phone.but it locked.if i switch on there is massaga "insert right sim card" please give me a instrction how to un lock this.

  • meijer marvin

i got a brandnew lg c1200 gsm mobile phone ,bought in the netherlands (europe)and i live in suriname (south america) but i have one problem ,my phone has a simlock and nobody or no place in suriname can unlock my lg c12oo gsm mobile phone .
i am looking for an solution because i want to use my phone and i am also a regular customer of lg products , so please find a solution for me .
ok have a great day and hope to use my gsm lg c1200 phone soon !

  • Levi

The most beautyfull phone on the market An impartial opinion

  • kanchana

iam srilankan i got new lg c1200-t phone from uk.but the problum is that i cant use in sri lanka becuse it has contry lock.if i insert the our sri lankan sim to the phone there was a massaga in in the screen 'insert right sim card ; please help me to unlok this phone. thank you kanchana

  • Leo

Very beautiful!!!!

  • dejai

can the LG C1200 phone be used with an at&t wireless gophone because it has a chip in the back of it