LG C3100

LG C3100

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  • Charlotte

i have this phone but when i download ringtones and stuff i cant recieve them, i dont know why..help..contact me..groovychick_50@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

Great phone, lost it for three weeks under the snow in germany, the rain melted the snow, found it again, thing still worked!! Sand does get in it sometimes, but doesn't seem to hurt it. best of all it's simple, light and they only included things your'll actually use. Phill

  • Jo

I had this fone for less than a year.... then my mum dropped it once then the screen was all magnetised - a big hole of bad colour in the middle of the screen.... stupid fone i tell ya - dont get it! Im now looking at the LG U8180 though... looks great but is on dif plan to my peoples. But im not happy with the LG C3100... dodgy i tell ya - dumpiest of quality..

  • allah

this phone sucks big time. it's tre worst phone ever. i really wonder why they build it

  • Asterix

During the time so many dust falls under the cover panel it's not posible to cleen it. This dust is no plesuare sight

  • iLove

You have to see the display - rich color and sharp image with smooth and fast graphics. Inspite of the STN technology, it's good seen even outdoor. The sound is crisp like a bell and it's similar to church clavestin.
The rest is standart.

  • George

hello!i want to say...for your opinion......i have this phone...i'm from romania,and it's a decent phone...but not a phone with extra options...whatever.if you want to buy it..that's good for you..you will see when you will have it :)

  • ando

image definition is great!
polyphonik sound is very nice!

  • yugo

I want to buy a mobile phone. what do you suggest for this one. is it OK or not.

  • alejandro

is it posible to make a data cable? maybe buying some kind of component. Nobody have the tecnical data of it?.

  • Spain

It's interessant link to get software and datacable. Although here it costs 45$, sure you can buy anywhere the 'USB cable D P200-124' and download free software. See ya bro


  • joran

i've got the same problem with the battery: it only works for 24 ours. I think I'll swop it cause this s*cks.

  • chuano

i want the data cable and software


the battery works for 24 hours.it is very bad battery.can someone tell me what is wrong with the battery?

  • Mesay Bekele

I want to get the software and data cable
please send it for me I bought the phone but i Lost The SoftWare And DataCable Please help Me frinds

  • Rafel

This "great" mobile phone just works for 3 days if you don't use it so much. The battery is very very bad. And yes you can't chosee the sms tone.

  • Frezer Bekele

I want to get the software and data cable
please send it for me I bought the phone but i dont have this things

  • laouameur

please i want data cable for lg c3100
laouameur nadir
benmahmoud school 19000 algeria

  • tadas

i vant to say about that fhone.:) This pfone is cool

  • Anonymous

yuk. chuck it in the bin.

go for nokia 8310, thats kooooooool