LG C3300

LG C3300

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  • Mark

Hi people, just wondering what type of screen this handset has. I have read in some places its TFT, and in others i have read its STN. Can someone just calrify what it actually is please because if i got the phone and it was STN, i fear the pictures taken with the cmaera would look rubbish on screen. Thanks.

  • anon

hi does anyone know if this phone has a colour outer screen

  • kohchyeleng

does anyone knows how to go online with your pc through this phone? i can connect to the internet but cant surf the net.

  • sarah jane

Does anyone know if the LG C3300 can send e-mails? I have been told by three different people from T mobile that it does and two who say it doesn't. Am I confused or what! Haven't purchased it yet but have ordered it from my catalogue. Please help. Thanks

  • rod frazer

I really liked the look and feel of this phone and was about to look into buing it myself when it was bought for me as a present,
right from day 1 it would not hold text msm centre or internet setting numbers so I cant text without entering the no manualy and cant open texts more than 1 at a time without turning the phone on and off for each 1,took it back to phones 4 u, guy dosent want to know fobbed me off, cant get any new ringtones (cant accses the internet)no blue tooth (come on this is the 21st century) cant download pics to my pc , put up with it for another 2 wks then it packed in altogether friend went in with it and kick up hell they would'nt replace it or refund the money but they reluctantly sent it away to be fixed .Over a month later got it back (no loan phone either) just about bearly phones out and nothing else feel like sticking it in the trash .I wont be buying another phone from lg or phones F**K u

  • Lucy

does anybody know what a refurbished phone is?

  • Emma

Hey pplz, im looking at buying this phone, does anyone have any complaints about the manufacturing? Like does it ever freeze up or anything?Yeah thanks for any help, its appreciated very much... also any other really bad attributes, i dont care about no video or speaker, it seems a lot of you complain about loading pics to the PC but i can figure that out... So yeah freezing up or just general faults with the phone? emmy xx

  • princess

yes i have the same question most people have...how do i put my pictures on to my pc?!

  • martyn

hi help i have data cable and driver but no software how do i get pics to pc please someone help thankyou

  • Kady

I love this phone, though would be better if it had speaker phone or bluetooth.
Its awesome cuz you can put the pics on the computer.
No problems yet *thumbs up*

  • michelle

How do we get the software because when i bought this phone, it doesn/t provide me the software that can help me to upload my photo from phone to pc..help..!

  • roby

I need help, how to transfer my photos from LG C3300 on PC
I have data cable with drivers but no software for it

  • Azile

you plug the cord you got with the phone into your com port in the back of your computer and install the software on the disk you would've got with it. I ony got the phone on thursday and i am still figureing it out but i did tranfer photos on to my computer. it was pretty cool.

  • Thew

If you log onto wowlg.com and you register your phone you can get up to 200 points which you can use to download games, music and other stuff. Some of this is free, for which you will need your cable, and a game is typically 55 points. Every day you log on you get another 2 points.

  • pinklove

I was thinking of getting this phone but it doesnít have all the things I am looking for...
And for the person who said this is a woman's phone! I really hope you are meaning the style or colour!!!! As I am a woman! I like my phones to have all features!!! Donít stereotype as if women are dumb and don't know how to use features!

  • emma

this phone did the exact same as the lg c2200, im never buyin an lg phone again!!!!!!
em xx

  • nur

I had recently bought this phone.I chose it because I thought i can upload the pictures to my PC using the cabel provided.But I don't know how to do it.Other than that, the phone is right to my taste.It does fulfill the purpose.Can anybody help me with my uploading problem?

  • cristi

how can i transfer my pictures in my pc?what kind of data cable are you using?and software also?i will wait for your answers.10x

  • Ginta

Hi all,

I am interested in bying this one. Could someone pleae tell me whether the ringtone is loud? I really hate when I cant hear the phone ringing, which is the issue with my current samsung.

  • christine browne

i have the LGc3300 but can any one tell me how to use downloaded ringtones as message alerts it dont seem to have that function all my previous ones have please help