LG C3320

LG C3320

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  • Mark

I am hard of hearing and this is the best phone I ever had to hear the ringing and vibration and can not get another one.Is there any for sale in working order?

  • bara

my phone has been lock, it can not use an other sim accpet uk sim but am in nigeria i want a code to open it pls

  • kefalotse

kes, 10 Sep 2008Hi, i had this phone for three years. It worked good for two yea... morei have a problem with my phone(C3320) and one day when i was trying to browse internet it jus went off with that black screen up until now, it also had a problem with its battery

  • anonim

please can somebody tell me how can i send the photo from the mobile to the computer
please please

  • Ulladulla

sn, 14 Dec 2006Someone please help me out, please send me the C3320 manual on m... moreDid anyone send you the manual? I have the same problem as you. my friend gave me hers and she can't find the box (manual inside) thinks she has thrown it in the bin.

please reply and tell me if you can help me.
thank you

  • Anonymous

I have had that phone for 3 years, it has been used for 2 years, simply because I got a new phone. When my new phone broke it still worked. No bluetooth or infrared, or mp3 player, no vdeio or anything really. It is a good phone and the camera is OK. I can still use it, the battery isn't as good as it was but it can last quite some time.

  • kes

Hi, i had this phone for three years. It worked good for two years and now the battery gone through. Each time i use the phone i have to charge it, but in terms of the pictures, it's great for that.

  • ship

Sturdy phone. i've dropped this phone out of cars n thrown it on floors and regularly dropped it on hard surfaces yet it hardly scratches. not great on features but very dureable

  • Paul

My C3320 phone recently died one morning and unfortunately so did all my contacts symbolically speaking of course. Only had a 2 year run with it. It will boot up but only if I don't put the sim card in it. If I put the sim card in it then it wont boot up - just hangs. Question: is there a way that I can transfer my contacts onto my new LG KP202 moble phone? I can't obviously copy to my sim which incidentally works fine on the new phone. I can't get beyond the "insert sim" so as to do anything else. Is there an alternative way? Thank you.

  • charlotte

yeah i do know how to get the photos to work for the phone book email me

  • charlotte

ive got this phone i thinks its great for pictures well a phone that can hold 900 is brill and its bin great for me and the batt lasts for ages try taking vibrate off you num skull lol it will drain this phones batt because its stronger than others.

  • sam

mostly good except i dont know how to use phonebook pictures or save messages or how to get the clock on the front. does nayone know?

  • Gaz

Does anybody know how to save messages onto the sim card with this phone? I have just brought a new one as I am fed up with this one but I now cant save messages onto my sim like i want to.

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone i have ever owned. The battery life is horrible and lasts barely ten minutes of calls. I advise anyone who is looking at this phone too look somewhere else.

  • lydia

hi i just got this phone from a friend who upgraded the phone is nice but certain functions are challenging but more over its a nice phone.

  • Anonymous

i've had this phone a little over a year now, when i first bought it.. it was great! But now its started turning off & the battery dies easily & it doesnt even charge properly anymore. i dont recommend this phone because it is a peice of $#!*

  • Anonymous

worst phone i have ever owned... had it a year and now freezes, stops during calls, doesnt send through messages for ages and is down right stupid...

get rid of this fone asap!!!

  • sn

Someone please help me out, please send me the C3320 manual on my email please, i have just received this phone as a gift, the booklet is in Swedish or Danish i dont know, please help me out, i want to use my phone so kindly help me out.

  • Anonymous

hey, i think this phone is exellent..ive had it for over a year now and it just love it, i just have 1 problem with it and it is the battery, it seems to be wasteing quite quickly but i charge it every night so i dont find it much of a problem.

  • jeath

can anyone tell me how 2 get a downloaded manual of my LG C3320, coz i dont have onee, coz i get my LG C3320 as a gift then i have a prblm how to use the phonebook pics & also my battery well last only for 1 day