LG C3400

LG C3400

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  • akin

I think LG has done a great job with its equalizer!!! But i wonder what this equalizer is used for? This must be an expensive joke of LG for the customers. Thanks LG! we are really laughing with your kind joke!

  • fone dude

it says "MP3" not "MP3s".
so i guess you can only fit one!
ha ha.

  • Anonymous

2mb internal supports MP3... that's the biggest laugh in town... even 16mb is not possible to have good quality sound... great to put an equalizer for the fone... so how do we fit the music???

  • Dishant (Small Bobby

i dont like this phone, wat u like in it? it has outer display in black n white. no bluetooth also. hope ur dad doesnt buy for u.

  • someone

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  • Anonymous

this phone looks soo awesome i cant wait till it comes out! i wonder if my dad will buy it for me!! i hope its cheap!!!!!