LG confirms up to three Android OS updates for premium smartphones

Michail, 08 April 2021

At the start of this week, LG announced its exit from the smartphone business. Despite this, LG is now officially confirming that all of its premium smartphones released after 2019 will receive three Android OS updates. LG specifies the G and V series devices as well as its newer Velvet series and the Wing.

LG confirms up to three Android OS updates for premium smartphones

This means the LG G8 series, LG V50, LG V60, the trio of LG Velvets and LG Wing are all in line for upgrades up to Android 13 as they all launched with Android 10. Midrangers like the LG Stylo 6 and certain LG K-series phones from 2020 will receive two OS updates so users can expect Android 12 as their last major upgrade.

This approach is certainly surprising to see and is a nice gesture of gratitude to consumers who have supported LG in the last few years. We’ll make sure to fill you in when updates start rolling out.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I also hear the big update cry. Well, I won't get updates. OK, get a pixel, Samsung if you want to go that route but, I forbid it. Or just get with XDA. Find a brand like LG or OnePlus BL unlock and ROOT the phone. I'm no software engineer ...

  • Anonymous

LG with no features... That's funny. LG V60's still and arguably one of the best phones with the most features are available right now and for $300 new. Too expensive get a V40 there like $200 for a QA7 unlocked model. Either that or go wit...

  • Ame

Just got my v50 updated to android 11 and so far so good. Battery last just as long when it was in 10. Basically I got 2 updates already so I'm good, if I ever get android 12 it will be a bonus.

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