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  • AnonD-551991

this was my very first cell phone. i remember the exact day my father bought this phone for me. it was on December the 31st of 2006. this phone was always good to me it never failed at anything. i could drop it from a 2 story building and it'd survive. the only reason i had to stop using it was because the battery wouldn't last long so sadly i had to give it up. while everybody else had the motorolla razor i had this bad boy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2009just want to ask how to make video call on my lg cu500,its a cin... moreI have the LG CU 500 and I think you have to have the CU500v to do video "calling." There may be a firmware update that will give yours that capability, but I'm not so sure about that. You might wanna look into it though.

  • Anonymous

to make any memory card to accept...just format the card in FAT format...

  • Anonymous

something's wrong with my phone. i've put different micro sd cards, (1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb), but it always says "card not ready"
can anyone help me?

  • Clif

I can use the TV in this Phone LG cu 500

  • guest

Gio, 02 Mar 2008Question, I recently dropped this phone into water and although ... moreSoak it in distill water for one hour

  • Iksan

I have used LG CU500 from eBay for US$50. Very bad calling signal. Power drop bateray, not even last for a day. Had changed to 2G mode, but bateray only last for one day or even last. Really a waste for my money!
Cheap material build. Really disapointed!

  • Raul

I had this phone for 3 months as a replacement to my old phone that broke and ill say it gets terrible reception and just yesterday it died all I can do is text on it it recieves calls but cant hear voice and when i dial someone i cant hear a dial tone I dont know whats wrong with it but I think it was a waste of my money.

  • Anonymous

yes I have had this phone for a few years but, it has terrible signal, has trouble recieving calls and texts even when there is signal, the numaric pad does not work during calls so you cant put in your password for voicemail, the battery lasts a day, i could go on but i wont thats enough.

  • Anonymous

picture messaging and internet settings thanks

  • Anonymous

EnglishProf, 25 Aug 2009Hi. I've read through the comments, but for every person who say... moreI had this phone for a year and it IS a very good phone! Yes it lights up, it is very bright at night the speaker phone is the loudest and probably the best on any phone iv ever had. Its an all around good phone. As far as comparing this to the "V" I'm not sure about that. Hope that helps.

  • EnglishProf

Hi. I've read through the comments, but for every person who says 'this phone sucks!' there's another who says 'this is the best phone I've ever had.' My questions are these: is the keypad flat or is it a designated keypad? Does it light up (or have the option to light up at night)? Is the screen nice and bright w/good resolution (I have bad eyesight--comes from reading all those bad student papers!)? And finally, what's the difference between the 500v and plain 500? I just now noticed there was a V, and saw that there was ALOT of complaints about the V. Thanks for any info you can provide!

  • Lilly

its a good phone i use to have a sony ericson and it always freezes...................so where do you put in the memory card?
and what type of memory card do i put in?

  • jwp

have had this phone for over two years and its been the best dependable phone i ever had. battery is wearing out and aftermarket batteries i have purchased are junk.

  • Why do you need my n

Hurray I am bad.

  • Anonymous

just want to ask how to make video call on my lg cu500,its a cingular phone model

  • richard

matt, 25 Nov 2008if its not reading your memory card just go to menu, cingular mu... moreyou are so right...! originally my lg cu500 couldn't see my 1G new Kingston micro sd card...all is now fixed

  • Anonymous

This phone cannot display ussd codes

  • Mike

hi. how long does it usually take to recharge the battery of this phone? (if the battery is in an ok condition)

  • Anonymous

matt, 25 Nov 2008if its not reading your memory card just go to menu, cingular mu... morei can't use memory card always card not ready, what can i do... pls. help. thanks