LG CU915 Vu

LG CU915 Vu

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  • Anonymous

how big you can put memory card in it? i order for 4gb micro card and i just wanna make sure is it expandable to 4gb yes or no? thanks please answer me ASAP cause otherwise i will cancel my 4gb card order? thanks love this phone in black slim and light weight like nothing holding in your hand, and also how can i view my word documents, ppt? excel etc? thanks

  • Eric

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2008well, ive recently bought a brand new LG VU CU 920... let me say... moreHow did you turn off 3G?

  • Eric

CiCi, 02 Sep 2008i just got the phone yesterday....and i have a question and woun... moreYou will have to pay for it, nothing comes free =)

  • KiKi

I really like the look of this phone. if you own one can you give me some basic info about the phone e.g. is it user friendly? Is is really big?etc

  • Anonymous

CiCi, 02 Sep 2008i just got the phone yesterday....and i have a question and woun... moreOf course you have to pay for it... watching tv you use phone internet... so at least you have to pay for downloaded data, unless you have unlimited internet

  • j

hey this is Marcky Marck i recently went over to a friens house who had bought the phone i was amazed by everything on it! i own a blackjack2 and oi wil trade any day!!! on it when yu prss a button it vibrates which is so KKEEWWLL!! its so much more to it and o the colors!!! wow!!i put mi picture on it i lookd so HOTT!! lyk WOW!!! well i gtta go!!! bye!! BUY ONE!! FOR ME!! LOL ITS COOL GET IT SIGNIN OFF MARCKY MARCK . . .

  • sneeze

Anyone have this phone with T-mobile? (unlocked) I can't seem to get the settings to work for MMS and Internet. I tried the settings sent to my phone from the t-mobile site with no luck. Please help if anyone does! Thanks!

  • hermie

i just got my LG VU, how do you access doc viewer? is the specifications here are correct?

  • drrn

i heard this phone does not save your texts. is it true?
and how is the battery life on the phone? i get mixed opinions for this question.

last question. is the keyboard and touchscreen that hard? some people say the qwerty keyboard's keys are too tiny. is it really that bad?

  • CiCi

i just got the phone yesterday....and i have a question and woundering if anyone can answer them for me....
1. is watching tv free on the phone or you have to pay for it

  • smilies

thanks eric! i got the phone. i got the tv version. does anyone know how to turn off the 3g? thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

pretty nice phone

  • Eric

smilies, 28 Aug 2008does anyone know if this phone is being discontinued? i tried lo... moreYou can still get them, they just hard to order, dont believe what those people tell you from the cell store. believe me they can GET it for you.

  • Anonymous

oh yeah, and to answer some questions:

it takes sim card

bigger sd memory cards make it go slow, I stick with 1 or 2 gigs, tops.

it loads pictures faster when you don't have a million of them. Clear out some of your vacation pics onto your computer I suppose?

The 920 and 915 are identical, except for the tv antenna. Not many channels, but you get some movies and comedy central.

now for my questions.. how do you turn off 3g?

  • Anonymous

Wow, apparently I was the only one who got one with a bad battery... mine only lasts about 10 hours, with 15 minutes talking, 30 minutes on the web, some texting, and looking at pictures, the rest on standby. Gonna send for warranty on that battery.

I like it, the battery is the only bad thing. Plus from the Media Net store you can buy a really cool 3d texas holdem poker game for the vu, and it makes work a lot more fun. NICE camera. wish it had more megapix though...

  • smilies

does anyone know if this phone is being discontinued? i tried looking for it in stores but everyone said its either discontinued or just on backorder. i really want one!

  • Anonymous

Some how the apps installed on the phone can not access the files. May be it is a security feature.

So if you have a text file copied from PC to the phone and want to use an TextEditor application to view it, you can not do it.

As I said it may be a feature than a problem.

  • Anonymous

well, ive recently bought a brand new LG VU CU 920... let me say this, if you do not have 3G service where you live, i suggest to turn it off... i turned mine off and i got 6 hours of continues talk, yes from full battery, i was just so curious, it says 3 hours and i just wanted to test it out with 3G off... if the results were still 3 hours, then i would have returned this phone,... but since it wasnt, im keeping this phone, already hacked into it... so im keeping this phone, but to anyone who wants maybe around double the talk time, turn off 3G and just stick to 2G...

  • XxX

MAybe if it had wi fi ..... it would b 1 of the best :S ...... not sure if i should get it ...

  • Anonymous

Just ordered 2 CU920.