LG F2250

LG F2250

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  • Kris

This phone is not very good. I suppose it is value for money because you get not much of a good phone for not much money. The reveiws are misleading as you expect to much!

  • sarita

can any body tell me how to sell this mobile to the customers what are the usp and what are usp's and what are the merits

  • lewis

its a great first fone as the price is mint. beaware its tricky at first but great wen u get in to it

  • Anonymous

This is a really cool phone! Its has good Battrey power and looks wicked 2!
It has predictive text but, isnt that good coz its hard 2 use! you can send voice memo's, picture messages and use colour when writing a text its good!
Games arnt that good but, are pretty cool!
There is nuthin bad about this phone its cool all round!
Oh yeah and it has WAP and GPRS! Wicked Phone Dude!

  • mcWIKED

dis fne is wiked coz of da flip design n stuf. it kwl as a 3rd fne 2 me d600e n me d500. 4 30 quid frm orange u cnt go wrng

  • Anonymous

This phone is really cool and works brilliantly!

  • Gambino

This phone is great value for money. Only £30 from Orange.co.uk on PAYG. Its got good features and is a great second phone or spare. It's also very small and light. The only problem is it has no bluetooth or infrared and only two editable profiles. Screen resolution isn't as great as more expensive phones but for the price it's sopot on


ThiS pHone really looks like kool cauz see his casing this mobiles is only use by cool dudes not any other one so who are kool tht buddy can buy this phone byes