LG Fathom VS750

LG Fathom VS750

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  • Raj

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2013I have it ..... do u want it ?Hi Can you please help me add whatsapp.

  • androfathomuser

hey guys i am a owner of a lg fathom and i think many of you will be amazed after runing android on it just type in google search "android for lg fathom" and follow the link to xda developers it will be worth it android rocks!!

  • iqbal

in this phone can i download a whatsapp ???

  • Anonymous

chettri, 04 Oct 2012i want to buy this Mobile. How ?I have it ..... do u want it ?

  • craig

Need to know how to acquire internet settings. Also need parts

  • Anonymous

my phone not working windowsmarket

  • Anonymous

my phone windows market not working

  • Chandra Reddy

by seeing reviews i got this phone but exactly after a year my set got hanged even after several time restart and reset iam unable to make calls, now iam using it as a camera. LG service center ppl too reject to service the phone.

My humble ad vice to all friends that never go for touch and type coz there is no much R&D done this type, if you take any OS phone touch & Type phones doesnt have favoring opinions

  • Mike

I am planing to buy this phone guys please tell me how is the battery with 3g usage in india tata docomo ....and is there any workarround to use whats app on this phone ...thanks

  • AnonD-38644

it cant be done.. no updates available..

  • sairam

hi to every one i want to update my LG windows mobile software of windows 7 or above so now iam using 6.5 professional OS.could u plz suggest me what to do.

  • akhil

zakirull Hasan, 10 Feb 2013my windoes media player can not open.what way i open it.i face same

  • A

zakirull Hasan, 10 Feb 2013my windoes media player can not open.what way i open it.Just make it on factory settings

  • vraj

charm, 25 Jul 2012i got my LG fathom and tried to install some games but it turned... moredear... press u get formet

  • Doubt SOlver

I have been through the comments are there seems to be a given common set of problems.. I used this phone from 2011-2012.. the solutions are here :

1. No, This set is not whatsapp compatible.

2. This phone cannot be upgraded from 6.5 to 7 or 7.5

3. You cannot use marketplace as the service is discontinued by Microsoft.

  • lg fathom f.......

md shuaib, 26 Nov 2012can some1 tell me hw can i connect my lg fathom phone to my lapp... moremeetoooo

  • shakeel

yinkins, 02 May 2012can dis phone use whatappno

  • lg india

i broke my screen and could not repair it as we can't find the accesories here in delhi...so how do i repair it? please suggest from where to get new screen...thanks

  • AnonD-129835

i am unable to upgrade windows 6.5 to 7.5

  • zakirull Hasan

my windoes media player can not open.what way i open it.