LG G1600

LG G1600

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  • Soumen

It was my first phone

  • Anonymous

Does this phone REALLY have a 5-way d-pad, because I think for a phone like this, there would be a 4-way d-pad (without the select button in the middle)?

  • sunnie

This was first phone that was truly mine. I used it for 4 years... i miss this phone so much. Still with me but not able to on it ...

  • duck

it was my first phone too...but the battery was horribe for me

  • AnonD-193940

This was my first phone, I miss u

  • shaikh yusuf

i miss u lg i have good exc lg mobile i am use all time lgg i love lg

  • Dhiraj

Missing a lot

  • sujeet

realy my family missing this phone...miss u LG

  • Hayama

love this phone. the t9 dictionary is very helpful, also durable, battery long lasting. but i ,lost it already. miss this phone.. hmm.. =(

  • ram

I bought this phone in India. I travel between Canada and India. I like to use this phone in Canada. Can it be done? Some one help me.

  • Fahim

Hi friends, i am from bangladesh. I am using this phone from 2004. This is a very good phone. I love this phone. U know this phone is java enabled. I am trying to install opera mini on this phone. But i can't. Can anyone help me? How can i use opera mini on this phone....

  • atul

Ravi Anand, 08 May 2009You can connect lg g1600 to pc or laptop via serial cable or usb... morehow to connect pc internet data cable not available

  • Mahidhar Yarrapuredd

Hello Friends... i am using this mobile from 2004, it is absolutely very good, it gave a big life to me in the sence of Usage. Still it is working in a good manner. But i am unable to get a original panel. Can anyone help me, please friends.... i am from Hyderabad.

  • Anonymous

hello friends to reset password if your phone in on

  • deepak

my handset body carsh & not aveleblie market so what hepannd

  • abbas

phone rest password fogeten..how to reset.

  • Taj

sagar, 13 Jul 2009 network problem for solutionI am experiencing the same. It is keep searching network even selected on Auto and or manual. Did you find the solution or can someone help who knows the solution. Thanks in advance.

  • sagar

network problem for solution

  • Zaman

Ravi Anand, 08 May 2009You can connect lg g1600 to pc or laptop via serial cable or usb... morelg g1600
i am trying to find the serial cable or usb data cable and a software "lg internet kit" .where can i get them?

  • ARK

I have been using this phone from March 2005 and it has been serving its purpose without any major problems. I just use it to make/receive calls and nothing else. I am planning to buy a new phone shortly.