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  • Jesus

BobTheGeek, 27 Jun 2019Got this phone for about $250 back in the day. Used it as my dai... moreIf you think this phone is good, than you are stuck in the past man, because even a 90eu phone from 2019 destroys this garbage phone. and 4hrs of battery life is so trash that its worse than lasting 5 mins in bed.

I still use this phone even today. I have this and the Moto e 2nd gen, I don't play YouTube videos much on this anymore due to constant freezing but it's still good. Some apps won't be available now. Google pay is not available anymore. I have had used this phone since 2015 and still does well but I need more space. No SD Card slot available which is not good but decent phone no doubt. I mainly play games on it anyway. Warning, don't upgrade to lollipop and then play games. Your phone will warm up quickly

  • BobTheGeek

Got this phone for about $250 back in the day. Used it as my daily driver for the past 5 years, and will probably stick to it for 2-3 more. This phone was a flagship so very few compromises were made.

- Good battery life. I still get at least 4 hours of screen time out of a single charge.
- Decent dev support. I just put the latest lineage os and get a new version of android.
- Phone is unbrickable, idiot-proof level really. No bootloader-detection e-fuse cr*p. The phone has some sort of fail safe usb driver which you can use to load correct bootloader files if you managed to screw them (been there, done that).
- Good build quality. I dropped this thing on concrete quite a few times and it still works like a charm (I only use a cheap silicone case and glass screen protector).
- Snapdragon 800 still pulls through nicely, although it starts to lag in demanding scenarios like gps navigation with youtube in background.
- This thing still has an IR blaster!

Aside from better camera quality and lack of storage space, I struggle to justify upgrading to a $400-ish Xiaomi flagship, let alone $800+ mainstream (i.e Samsung/Huawei) ones. Not adding the few days you need to learn the phone (i.e how to root it/how to install adblocker/youtube vanced/ other stuff which are essential imo).

louay, 06 Jun 2019I have been using lg g2 for 1 year, it was perfect After that ... moreAre you using a custom rom?

  • louay

I have been using lg g2 for 1 year, it was perfect
After that first the wifi stopped workin (hardware essue)
Then the screen started to show black while the phone is on (you can hear the game and so on while the screen is showing black while on)
The phone destroyed me , becuz iam 15 year old child
So i need to save money to purchase a new phone

L3P3.de, 23 Apr 2019send it to me :D I would pay...I'm gonna attempt to repair it but if that doesn't go smoothly then sure

The real first 'Infinity display' phone. You can still use this phone today smoothly.

  • L3P3.de

[deleted post]send it to me :D I would pay...

  • Scotty99

LG needs to re-release this phone, with these adjustments:

Front mounted fingerprint sensor where the lg logo is (capacitive, like htc 10)
Off screen navigation keys
Removable battery
High quality textured back cover (think lg g4 leather, or sandstone oneplus)
Updated speaker+earpiece speaker like new phones have

You can keep literally everything else the same and to me it would be the perfect smartphone. LG was sooo ahead of the curve with the g2 its insane, only a few small tweaks to it would make it the best phone on the market imo.

This was an excellent phone for its price and time. One of the first-ever OIS implementations to a phone camera was on the G2 and it was one of the first phones that used SD800 chipset. This phone surpassed S4 when it comes to camera and SoC performance although being cheaper. The bezels on the G2 was very thin for its time. The screen was pretty big for its dimensions. To me, LG can be counted as the pioneer of the bezelless screen trend to some extent. It had an IR blaster as an unique feature. The battery of G2 is 3000mah and this battery was huge for its time. The main shortcomings of the G2 were the lack of expansion slot and its plastic build. It was fairly light although having a big battery thanks to its plastic build. Also, LG G2 is a pretty durable and long-lasting device.

  • Mark

Cleaning up some drawers, I surprisingly found my old LG G2, still in a very good condition except for the camera lens, which was all scratched up. I decided to play around with it for a few minutes and to be honest, it still felt very snappy. I asked myself if I could use this phone as a secondary one... So After a bit of research, I found that it's possible to upgrade the OS to a fully functional Android 8.1. After watching some tutorials, I very quickly installed a custom recovery (TWRP), which enabled me to flash 'Lineage OS 15.1' (Android 8.1), and all of the necessary Google Apps (go to website opengapps.org, and choose the ARM platform, android 8.1 OS, and the variant you desire. I chose stock.). The phone booted up, I put in my information while downloading all of my usual apps. First impressions, fantastic. The phone was very snappy, buttery smooth, with a just few lags here and there. I opened up a bunch of chrome tabs, watched many YouTube videos, used different social media apps. So far, no problems. I then took the time to polish up the camera lens with some car paint polisher, and a few cotton swabs. After using 5 swabs, the lens was perfectly clear of scratches. As a result, I tested out the camera, and it produced decent results. Finally, I decided to use this 'resurrected' phone as my daily driver for a while to really put it to the test. I am impressed. This is a major win. This phone is now my secondary mobile device.

  • jabnakar

This was one of the best phone I had even though I didn't bought it at the time of its launch.
The only real flaw I experienced with this phone was the frame bending-wear where it would cause the touchscreen to be haywired or just not functioning.
I wanted to repair it but the screen was still expensive even for an old phone.

  • rfs

I still have my LG G2, running Android P (9.0) really fluente!

  • SS

This phone was the reason why I have switched to LG. After G4, LG never again.

Looking back, it really was no surprise this phone was a huge deal back in the day

The cell phone is great, using a custom file system Colt OS android 7.1 tested absolutely everything and found no problem! ( i'm a natural discoverer of bugs )
The camera application of the Colt rom gives a significant gain quality in the captured image as well.
use the device for about 6 months, I was satisfied with everything!
The cell was very fast and I decided to sell them because it was money, and I had bought a more powerful one.
baterry have quick charge in the Colt rom
( users from brazil need to use a patch to use any custom system, our d805 in the same hardware of the d802, but you need the patch)

  • asd

lust great ,i still use it and love that phone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2018After 4 years im still really happy with my G2, but for the last... moreI can recommend LineageOS 15.1. Official build started some weeks ago. It is really smooth and so far I faced no issues.

  • Anonymous

After 4 years im still really happy with my G2, but for the last 6 months im experiencing some lagging which is normal, but i wanna use some other rom so i could use it for smooth. Any recommendation?

  • slammer

Great phone just now replacing it...had since 2014....going to LG G6. No issue's love the phone....only reason....battery is bad won't stay charged....5 years!! NOT BAD!! They are replacing@no cost to me. Great phone....