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  • Anonymous

The Korean versions (F320K, F320L, F320S, K/L/S stand for the three mobile companies in ROK) do have microsd slot and removable battert

  • Anonymous

I have an european Lg G2 (d802) and I wonder if it supports LTE+ (4G+) since with my sim which is only 3 years old it shows only 4G and not 4G+. But on my main phone the same sim shows 4G+. Anyone knows?

  • pandela

ManDeepest, 05 Dec 2020This will forever be LG's best beast of a phone to eve... moreAbsolutely true ! Iconic LG phone , still have it in my collection . Another iconic LG phones are V10 and V30 , amazing phones .

This will forever be LG's best beast of a phone to ever be produced by them after G2 things took a wrong turn. RIP LG 2.

  • Anonymous

I still got it up to this day. Upgraded it to lineageOS. I got LG G3 after that but G2 beat it. Funny thing is, when i inserted New Sim, it's doesn't work. maybe it has compatibility issues on newer simcards. How sad.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

kujtim zymeri, 05 Jun 2020i had d802 model but wifi was sooo weak battery terribleSame like mine. Weak wifi and terrible battery life.

  • LG G2

Tunupa., 02 Sep 2020the only complain I have with this phone is that the headph... moreIncrease Performance Compare To Stock But Trade Off Battery Life. All Depend Whether Developer Have Make A Custom Kernal Build For This Device To Maintain Its Battery Life... Support Official Lineage OS 17.1 For G2,G3,G5 & V20 Device Only.

  • Tunupa.

the only complain I have with this phone is that the headphone jack broke in the first month.
used it from 2013 till 2015 and my mom used it til 2019.
Upgraded to LineageOS and had a gain in performance.

  • Anonymous

I have it as second phone, it's overall great. Very satisfied. Still going strong. Only gps in pure trash...fix very slow and unprecise

  • Anonymous

GG2, 06 Jun 2020Still going stronk 6 years. Plays games rpg fps no problem.... moreI hear you dude, I love this phone. Had it a few years ago and loved every second of owning it. Terrific design imo but too bad it didn't get too many software updates. Wish more phones like this would get built nowadays :^(

  • GG2

Still going stronk 6 years. Plays games rpg fps no problem. Makes me wonder how 6 years newer phone even matter. Bought this cash on sale like 299. 6 years of use and probably will last a few more. Still looks new too.

  • kujtim zymeri

i had d802 model but wifi was sooo weak battery terrible

  • dimi

i managed to smash it really, but it took me 6 years of good servise.... snifff... it will be missed!!

  • Tech pro

This was the best phone ever!
way ahead of it's time: it had split screen before any other device not only that you can reduce and adjust apps just like windows and even open multiple windows (apps) adjusted on the screen at the same time! Battery Life was amazing! I got 8 hours of navigation
The ir feature was the best it had every device imaginable!you can even program it to your own remote .. I think now manufacturers are now downsizing features period

  • amir

jabez, 31 Aug 2016Your lg g2 model number?Lg-sl980

  • GinGin

11 years and 8 phones later... LGG2 was the best!

  • ifix

Now even more neat and smooth with Pie https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/d802
Battery still last 24-48hr depending on how much deep sleep it gets.
I still keep spare LCD+battery part in case I shattered it again.
IMO even after 7 years, LG G2 is still the lightest and handy 4G phone with such screen size.

AMartin, 12 Nov 2019I would be so happy to buy a refreshed version of this phon... moreBROOOOO... AGREED... i mean this phone was soo handy(literally, it doesn't feel super cheap like a low end samsung but small and the display is great) and reliable

Jesus, 10 Oct 2019If you think this phone is good, than you are stuck in the ... moreIn my opinion, there some people who still like old devices, it is not bad. I know also people still use Samsung 2012 old device too till now.

  • south Africa

Helbram, 06 Jun 2019Are you using a custom rom?same here