LG G2 and Moto X now free on AT&T with two-year deal

17 January, 2014

This is hot news for Android lovers in the US - AT&T has slashed the on-contract prices of the Motorola Moto X and LG G2 to null if you sign a two-year commitment.

The deal is available until the end of this month - January 31 - and is saving you $100 on both phones.

While the Moto X's exterior customizations and software enhancements (not to mention its pulling on patriotic strings) earn it favor with Android loyalists in the US, the LG G2 is by far the superior handset with a top-class 5.2" 1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and capable 13 MP camera.

Then again, the Moto X is closer to stock Android (which many appreciate) and has the more favorable ergonomics, so it's your call in the end.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

The battery life is excellent and camera improvements have made it a capable shooter. Also has kitkat update.

  • Anonymous

Wasn't it just 2-3 weeks ago that the AT&T CEO said they would be moving away from subsidizing phones on contract because their market was saturated?

  • AnonD-168372

Moto X riding on G2's fame and greatness.

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