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  • Anonymous

Bought this Lg G2 mini 3G version back then almost the end of 2015 from a discount sale to replace my older secondary phone which was Samsung S mini (GT-5570 ?) which i believe I bought back then at 2011 (I really like a compact for my secondary phone).
I use this G2 mini for reading light novel using opera mini and I must say that I am satisfied.When the batery still new it can reach 11 hours SOT for my reading purpose.
All the hardwares are still good except after 3 years,the batery not as good as new,but it still hold up SOT at least for 7 hours or so which is enough to serve as secondary phone which I mainly used just for reading/browsing.
I keep this phone at android KITKAT,because alot lot of bad review for its LOLIPOP update.
I did monthly clean chace also factory reset every year (usually before or after new year) and this G2 mini still perform well,never hang,frezze etc.
But yes some times it does forced close apps,I assume it's because I opened to much tabs at one go.But if I do it moderatly I almost never encountered forced close apps.
My conclusion :
LG G2 mini is a good product,and I am one of it's satisfied costumer

PS: if you Lg read this,there are still alot of people who love compact phone,please make a new version of Lg G2 mini.

  • Anonymous

I got this phone for four years I have no issue with this phone it performs very well no lag issue. But this kind of phone you need to clear cache data in file manager and storage settings so that it will perform better. I root this phone now I upgrade it to 8.1.0 Oreo. I used my memory card as my internal storage. The camera is good it beats all Oppo phones and Vivo. The display is IPS and its color accuracy and reproduction is still the same. Thanks to its IPS LCD. LG is the first smartphone to louch an IPS LCD and best known for making one of the best IPS LCD display. Search in google IPS vs Super Amoled or Amoled. You will find why IPS is much better than Amoled. When it comes to color accuracy sharpness and details IPS is the best.

  • Tin

Been using this for more than 3 years. Dropped it countless times. Has a few scratches at the back. Never did the screen get damaged but now space is no longer enough so considering the new lg phones.

  • Whatever

Its an amazing phone. Had it for 3 years and runs flawlessly.
Simple but, works well and if the battery is starting to feel old, just buy another one and replace it yourself. Like new.

  • YourAverageGoat

I have had this phone for more than 4 years.
For its specs,price and everuthing,it has pulled its weigh for much longer than anticipated.
As expected of an LG phone,it is pretty durable and can survive unscathed even a fall or a complete system crash.
However,the more demanding the apps and software get,the more the phone lags in terms of response to commands.
In its current state, there are only occassional crashes and lack of RAM space,as well as th very few storage,thanks to the software updates(they take up about 4,61 GB-half the phone's capacity).
Was it not for the increasing minimum for certain fuctions,this phone could last for an extremely long period.
It has never let me down as a piece of equipment.

  • ChirkainaisLV

Having this phone for nearly 3 years, the battery starts to loose its juice faster, but works fine with me. Some apps crash once in a while, but the rigidity of the piece impresses me the most. At one bikeride I dropped the phone twice while trying to take a pic of my mates, the second time it fell between the wheels and I rode over the phone (on asphalt). Put the battery back in, started up and continued with the photos. Gorilla glass is its main feature!

  • sndr

I have this phone for 3 years now ! It's really awesome for the avarage user. The battery keep for 2 days without problem (50% brightness). It's a little bit slow with the new heavy apps, but i didn't expect something else with this CPU. Greatest feature that i love on this phone, is the screen-body ratio. Camera (rear) takes great quality pictures and videos as well!

  • AnonD-702260

it is good i hope it can be upgradable to android 6.0

  • Anonymous

Raja sab, 29 Jan 2017Hi frinds.i am using g2 mini. Its runing 5.0.2. Lolipop but i th... morekitkat is good in lg g2 mini

  • nielle

AnonD-266090, 22 May 2014Hi, if you're interested in some observations (not too positive)... morei hate the battery of lg g2 mini...it drais fast and so laggy...i admire the screen resolution but i am si disappointed for i need to charge it 3 times a day!!
i love the scratch free touchscreen but it feels sad because of the battery and the lag issues.

  • fontsky

Have had this phone from 2014 till now.Spec is a bit of a let down, and it stops on Android 5.0.That being said, I loved the grip and Knock Code.I even think that Knock Code is better than Touch ID, because you cant fake Knock Code like how you can fake fingerprints, also that you can do it so quickly people wont notice how you do it unlike patterns or PIN/passcode.Screen to body ratio is great, screen size works quite well on me, although I think 4.6 or 4.5 would be better.And with that, the phone is a bit heavy in a way that it often dropped on my face when lying down.Battery not great, but definitely not exceptionally bad.Power button isnt durable.But overall durability is great, considering that I have dropped this phone harshly countless times while the battery were plucked off from the case.Also got this phone into dirty water, but still usable.I somehow hope LG will someday make this kind of mini series with better specs.Now that I'm using an iPhone 6, I still miss this phone and what it can do.

  • Anonymous

My internal memory reduce from 8gb turns 4gb slot sim2 not work,and my software not updated

  • jury

qua, 02 Aug 2017Absolutely in love with this phone. I have it for 2.5 years now ... morei agree.

i had same phone also. it's good and so handy.

  • qua

Absolutely in love with this phone. I have it for 2.5 years now and it's working perfectly fine. Battery is durable enough, sometimes 1GB of RAM is not acceptable but for that price it's a real deal.

  • Jagaa

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2017I'm running 7.1.1 and it's great - fast and battery life is good too.how did you update firmware? would you help me pls?

  • Anonymous

true, 18 May 2017horrible phone. bought it when it first came out, the price was ... moreReally? I bought my g2 mini since 2014 its 3 years now... I have no issue with my phone it works perfectly fine..

  • true

horrible phone. bought it when it first came out, the price was appealing. worked great for the first few months... give it a year. the problems with this phone were overwhelming. apps crash all the time, battery life is poor, phone works slow... touch screen goes crazy. A YEAR! if you're buying this phone you're buying a phone for a year and no more.
thumbs down, horrible phone. don't buy this...

  • bezz

I accidentally drop my G2 phone,.the back casing and battery comes out..I said to my friend "this time we will see if this phone is durable"..And luckilly phone work great like nothing happen,..tnx durability is proven and tested..

  • Ang

Three years down the line and I still dont feel like letting my Lil monster go (LG G2 Mini),. Though I need a good phone with a major improvement in processor speed and graphics,. An up to date phone,. Any suggestions??

  • Ang

Mmario, 12 Sep 2016I have it for about 18 months. I was looking to change it with s... moreSame for me,. No great phone has been produced other than this,.