LG G2 starts selling in the UK, carries a 444 price tag

01 October, 2013

LG has began selling its G2 Android flagship in the UK. It's on offer by both mobile carriers as well as large retailers.

UK's Three is the first of the carriers to sell the phone and offers it for as low as 29 per month on a 2-year contract after an initial down payment of 49. It's also available on a Pay as you go plan for 399.

If you're after a SIM-free version of the LG G2, then there are plenty of options as well. Clove is selling the phone for 444 and is throwing in a free QuickWindow accessory as well. Another retailer Unlocked-mobiles is offering to phone a bit higher at 490 and it too gives away a QuickWindow cover.

LG is yet to see whether it'll meet its target to sell 10 million G2 smartphones. In order to ensure this happens, the company has stepped up its marketing efforts including a few unorthodox exchange programs.

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