LG G350

LG G350

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  • Anonymous

one of the few and best available clamshell phones out there. great for elder people. Loud volume on calls, not so much for ringtones (but it can be fixed with mp3 ring tones).

The only thing missing is the hability to answer calls automatically once the phone is opened. Also looks and feels quite solid. generous display for a phone of this size, but the font cannot be changed or zoomed (but it´s quite bright and clear the text)

Great phone, Kudos for LG beeing one of the few manufacturers out there who still produces this type of phones with a sense of quality. Miles better that any alcatel or similar phones on the market.

  • AnonD-669366

The touch screen and drop down menus finally got to her.
This little flip phone is much better. Good tone and hearing assist voice quality, lots of volume. Speakerphone handy. Liked it so well bought one for myself as alternative to smartphone servitude.

  • AnonD-530903

HaF123, 19 Sep 2015a great phone, but I'm not able to find a manual in English... morehttp://www.central-manuals.com/download/cell-phone/lg/G350_ENG_UG.pdf
english user guide = page 47+

  • Anonymous

Great, well built phone. Pity I can't find an English user manual. It also doesn't register on the LG website.

  • Jurere

The concept is great, but, why so big and bulky? why no external 1` display?
People demand thinner , more compact flip phones with 1 week battery life.Pretty simple.

  • warren

Good phone but can't get WhatsApp which is a big minus.
You can only play music files when the phone is open. Close the phone and the music cuts out, which to me is a design fault.

  • catchmeifyoucan

love this phone but mine is old and having problems,found one on ebay but my carrier cellcom said i cannot use this phone. Because it was a us celluar phone and cellcom will not honor it.

  • HaF123

a great phone, but I'm not able to find a manual in English or German.
Can someone help me

  • Kamal

I would like gift this phone for my parents.
As it is not available in India, I am unable to do that.

Please release these mobiles in India also.

  • Riker

Where can this be purchased in the US? Nothing turns up on LG's website or eBay. This is exactly the phone my elderly parents need!

  • AnonD-412620

My mom really loves this phone. I'm also very comfortable with Where's Mom function.

  • Colin

My grandma likes this phone.

  • Ron

Best phone ever. Better than the G4.

  • kiran

one of the finest phone under feature phone category from LG.

  • NKH

Perfect phone for Senior and Hearing Aid Users. Louder volume in senior mode and HAC mode.

Good Phone.

  • Chandu

Very good phone for elderly people with specially designed features, very good voice clarity and Its A Big screen folder phone.
Specially designed Features like automatically sending messages during Emergency situation ,tracking of the location and settings of MMS image as wallpaper can be used easily

  • TK

It is one of the best phone for old age people. It gives the best wide screen view experience.

  • AnonD-414415

If you are looking for feature phones having keypad go for this one. Good design, look and features for a feature phone

  • Harish

Gud phone for parents. It has few features that support to track parents. Also support enhanced audio mode for seniors.
Will be Gud buy for those who are interested in simple keypad phones.

  • AnonD-412727

The phone looks really good. in the current smartphone era ,this can be used as an alternative one.