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LG G4 Dual

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  • Anonymous

I don't want to buy LG phones anymore because of their discrimination against this model and the other models.

Babel, 15 Sep 2018LG G4 is one of the best phones I've ever used (IF NOT OF T... moreAgreed

  • rolandschweiger

LG G4 H818P in 2019 - still VERY SATISFIED !

Just a few weeks ago i wanted to replace the phone with the LG V20 H990((N) and it was a total flaw. Yes, the V20 would have been a good follow-up because it also has the replaceable battery, Android Oreo update, and a good fingerprint sensor.
However the camera of the v20 disappointed (even WITH the manual settings in careful use) and what is more shockong ... the radio send / reception quality e.g. quality of calls and loss of signal where other phones work with no problem, simly was shocking.

If (like myself) you need a replaceable battery, dualSIM, a good camera, state of the art interfaces including NFC and the ability to stream your display to a TV (USB ---> HDMI via SlimPort) then the LG G4 H818p is still in 2019 a marvelous option.

It has good recieve/send/radio quality, it simply WORKS even with aging Android Marshmallow, it is fast enough for most everyday apps, camera photo quality with auto and manu settings is great, even camera video quality (with no manu settings) is decently good.
I like the phone and really whish LG would produce a wearthy follow-up.

BTW i live in Vienna in Austria, and here in many regions LTE Band20 (800MHz) is used. Though i cannot really confirm because on Marshmallow you can not really check / read which band you are on, i am convinced that the
H818P (note the P!)
does use LTE Band 20. Great.

Would however like if someone could confirm this.

greetings ,

Roland Schweiger

  • Halgurd

I have been using lg g4 h850 for 12 months, it is a low built quality mobile, after 12 months so many problems started, getting stuck touch acreen sometmes, switching off camera suddenly sometimes, battery drainging much faster than before, I do not think it is wis worth buying.

  • Babel

LG G4 is one of the best phones I've ever used (IF NOT OF THE HARWARE ISSUES) It's one of the phones that just "works". No fingerprint scanner, yes, but performance and camera is still great even in 2018 standards. I think this is LG's last greatest phone.

  • Anonymous

If you have problems with battery here's my solution.


I have been using that and my battery last up to three days or more depending on the usage. Powerbear battery pack available on amazon.

  • An Open Letter To LG

Hey LG!

I've never seen such brand like you lg.
display problems, poor battery and shitty performance aside; How could you push back os updates for a flagship device thinking the owners will forget about it?! And cancel it with the excuse of "the old devices don't support it".

since you and Samsung are in the same country i suggest you go to them and beg them to tell you how they managed to roll-out os updates to their OLD MIDRANGE Gallaxy J5 Prime and, etc.

This was my first and last phone i bought from you.
You should be ashamed of your self.

  • Classic 1221

My lg g4 photos are foggy. I want to replace the camera lens cover. Can anyone suggest me where i can buy it online.

  • LG G4 Bootloop User

AnonD-710497, 25 Oct 2017Almost 3 years now since i bought lg g4 h818p And here is ... moreI agree. My G4 was thrown in the drawer last year. Well it is still their in the drawer.

  • Anonymous

Roozi, 09 May 2018I have a g4 818p for about 2 years. Lags on almost every g... moreUpgrading to nougat hp is not hot and lag

  • Classic1221

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Upgrade to android nougatHow ? They released N update ?

  • Roozi

I have a g4 818p for about 2 years.
Lags on almost every game I play
Couldn't be upgraded to nougat
Overheating is really annoying
In conclusion I decided not to rely on LG anymore.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2017I got LG G4 Dual model H818N. it has 1 problem when I touch... moreUpgrade to android nougat

  • AnonD-1710

No, i didn't encounter any battery issues. Also, you can easily replace the battery once it goes bad because it's removable.

  • AnonD-257094

AnonD-710497, 25 Oct 2017Almost 3 years now since i bought lg g4 h818p And here is ... moreMe too.

  • Farhan

What about its battery timing? mine lasts for only 3-4 hours on 4G working.
Without using data it lasts for a day.
what about yours?

  • Farhan

AnonD-728144, 03 Jan 2018Pls i want to know if LG G4 DUAL suport otg.Yes. Dual sim Lg G4 supports OTG, I am using.

  • Anonymous

kittu, 24 Jul 2017When will relese noughat update in lg g4 h818nOhh..never

  • ryan

AnonD-728144, 03 Jan 2018Pls i want to know if LG G4 DUAL suport otg.yes it supported OTG i got mine and it works pretty well :)

  • satya

AnonD-1710, 13 Oct 2017Been using my LG G4 dual for more than 2 years. Since they ... moreu dnt have any battery problem