LG G4 Stylus

LG G4 Stylus

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  • Ophie

I still have mine bought it last 2015 and still excellent performance..👌

  • Gytis

kon, 11 Oct 20196 years with this cellphone! Working Solid no issues. Light... morePhone came out 2015 and you in 2019 have it for 6 years? :D nice maths

I bought this device in a hurry on March 2016 because I lost my phone and needed a temporarily replacement, which I got on Aug 2016, this phone is terrible on all accounts, little ram, slow processor, camera is slow and produces very bad pictures, but, as a secondary or emergency phone, it is a good one, it is almost 4 years now and the battery lasts for more than a day, I have droped it many, many times, even in water, and it still works, never looses signal, the display is just a little scratched, but not broken, thr sd card slot stopped working, but I really dont need it, it is running on marshmallow now, but it worked much better on lollipop

  • Zetta

I have mine for almost 6 months now but it eats my data. 750mb in 5 min flat. I am connected to WI Fi most of the time but as soon as I put mobile data on its all gone. I have done a factory reset, taken off my fb, deleted all my games. only have my banking app on but still no change. Very sad about that.

  • kon

6 years with this cellphone! Working Solid no issues. Light, Cold, same battery, I have dropped this phone a hundred times, only the plastic corners show some scrapes out of that, screen is like new. New phones (oled, amoled, aluminum with cristal) break at the first drop, not with this. I'm about to sell it with a new back cover and a new screen glass protector. Just because I'm bored of the same stuff but it's unexpendable. Well done LG

I bought this phone in march 2016, ad atemporary replacement, at that time it was a reasonable working device, it ran on marshmallow decently, after some time it soft bricked, I took it to claim warranty, they fixed it ok, but they installed lollipop, and then the device became sluggish, app close by themselves, batt life shortened, it really was better when running marshmallow

  • unknow

sandhu, 26 Apr 2016Dont buy this phone. It is fake. The camera clarity is not ... moreyah right this doesnt look 8mp it looks like 5mp and the storage it says that 8gb but it has 2gb only..

  • Elie Z

Had this phone for 3 years, camera is great storage could have been better, after each format i get a good amount of storage for a while then low storage all the time, it can be laggy sometimes, it doesn't keep some apps open in the background in my case Candy Crush games so basically if i receive a whatsapp call i would lose progress as the app restarts as soon as i'm done with the call, android 6 update ruined the phone, i can't say it's a bad phone

  • spawnarchangel

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2017I wouldn't recommend this phone. It has no storage and the ... moreI agree with you,cannot save an application with the sd card.when I save a picture
It was corrupted.but camera is good.

  • Anonymous

Aldwin, 01 Oct 2018It LG h540 modeldoes any body know on what board i can replace my h540 with? anything compatible?

  • Aldwin

aco, 27 Jun 2018What about LG G4 Stylus 3G with 1GB of RAM, 8mpx camera. Is... moreIt LG h540 model

  • K

It sucks. Its awful. Its the slowest and dumbest phone.

I had LG G3 Stylus and was so glad about it. Thats why I bought this LG G4 Stylus for my wife. But this phone turned to be awful choice. Incredibly slow and what not...

Somebody should sue LG company for releasing this crap at such high price...we are made stupid...

  • aco

What about LG G4 Stylus 3G with 1GB of RAM, 8mpx camera. Is it another version or copy? Because I can't find info about that model

  • victor

If gorilla galas is broken but the display is still working , is it need to replace all the display ??

  • nighthawk

Hi all

i have this phone its the H540 version i must say for what i use mine for i have no real complaints about it yes i admit the ram is a little low and storage could be a bit better but in general for doing emailing skyping or the other chat apps or for browsing the web it does the job very well without lag

when it comes to game play it does take a while to load some games but when in game not a single problem

as for the camera mine has given some good quality snaps from its rear camera as for the front well i am not the selfie obsessed type but it has been useful in video calling

but all in all i have to admit it has been a pretty good phone i never had any issues with it the only thing i dont like is the location of the power and volume controls

and if i am honest and yes some might call me an idiot for saying this but this phone i find better than my old Sony xperia C5 ultra since my old sony lagged a lot in gaming tho it had more ram and i found my sony to get real hot whereas my LG G4 keeps its cool

I bought one when I lost another phone to use it until getting a proper device, and yes, it is very very laggy, the camera is horrible and the internal memory using marshmallow is barely 2.5 Gig, BUT, it is really, really sturdy! Has fallen several times, got wet, sit upon, still working and screen scratch free! From that point of view, it has been outstanding, I use it as spare phone, or for doing things not requiring telephony services

  • Irene

I've had this phone for almost two years now. I can honestly say it served me well.
What really impressed me is how sturdy it is. It has fallen face down on concrete, rock and all kinds of stuff but it still has no scratch on it.
The "Stylus" I lost in two months. So I can't say anything on that.
Yes it is quite laggy and I have been forced to format it every three months to get rid of the junk files that make it extremely slow. It has taught me patience non the less.

  • Tony Fpx

I got 2 of these phones on a take one get one free contract. I've never before had such a pathetic excuse for a phone. The fantastic offer was because SA got the h635 which had the lowest spec of all the LG phones and only had 8gb of internal storage. If the specs were any lower and slower it would have to be given away free. I hope that LG one day wake up to the fact that a phone must lie flat on its back. The G4 has a half wine barrel for a back cover and not to say anything about all the stupid controls on the back cover. Never again will an LG enter my life or that of my wife. LG=Lucky if it Goes!!

  • solution

kikker, 12 Sep 2017Someone who siad..Get SD card..then phone is just fine. It ... moreRoot your mobile ad you want to use your mobile rapidly

  • Siyah

Lol this phone is a waste of money.. Low storage space and ram (3GB) and always freezes .. Downloads cancel themselve automatically .. It's just a real waste .. Lol I'm not gonna purchase any other lg product sorry