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  • Xentiment

slav alek, 13 Jan 2019*inhales* . . . *exhales* Alright, I'll try to stay calm ... moreDude phone is mid ranger from 2014 of course its shitty. Idk where person who gave it to you even bought it new and why but its definitely not meant to be used 4 years from release especially when it is mid range phone. Thats the reason.

  • Ragav

My friend is using this phone for 4yrs it fell in to the water for 3 or 4 times still it is working great really i like this phone.

  • Anonymous

silm., 21 May 2018For of a question.. Does anyone else who uses this phone have G... moreYes, but you have to flash an alternative custom ROM first. It's quite a messy process. Look on XDA for more details


Alright, I'll try to stay calm and polite. But this phone was a big, cheap mistake. Fortunately, I got it as a gift, so it wasn't MY money spent.

It says "8GB storage, microSD card slot", let's start with the 8GB. As I got the phone, I had to stop all of the unnecessary bloatware. After that, the phone's able to hold these apps: Youtube, Reddit, Netflix, Steam and optionally 1-2 SMALL games. One of them small like Tetris. But hey, the microSD card slot!... It'd be cool if the phone would actually LET TRANSFER things into that card. Instead of that Tetris mentioned above, I installed Files to SD Card, it helps a little. But it ain't enough. So I wasted money on that 16GB microSD card just to fill it with 1GB and left with exactly 1GB of memory on the phone itself, which's constantly filling with cache and all the garbage so either 1. no more files/apps/pictures or 2. have that additional app but every day clean the memory out and transfer your pics on a computer or SD card.

Next, 8mpix main camera - it's poor and other phones at this price have them way better. I'm not gonna mention the front 5mpix camera, pictures with it in even good daylight are a disaster.

Another thing, it's laggy, it freezes, more advanced games than Tetris work on it like Witcher 3 on an old laptop - it heats up, closes the game from time to time and lags the hell out. Or the worst - turns the whole phone off. It takes some time to run bigger apps, even more time for games.

The battery isn't THE worst, but it isn't that good either. You either use the phone for calling, texting and using lighter apps from time to time ending with 15-30% at the end of the day or else you carry the charger with yourself.

My personal problems: it happened after installing Netflix, phone broke down, freaked out and started draining the energy like crazy, no other app than built-in Internet wasn't working. I wasted money on a new batter - nada, nothing, still broke. The guy selling the battery looked on the phone, then looked with some kind of pity on me and said "move all your pictures and personal files from it and the last chance is to restart it to default. Otherwise, it'd be better and cheaper to buy a new one rather than repairing this". Well, it worked. I'm not gonna lie, I had a little hope it'd not work and I could take a loan with a clear conscience and buy myself something new and better.
The power and sound buttons at the back of the phone instead of the right edge ain't my cup of tea. Sometimes I turn off the phone instead of lowering the sound.
As you see, the phone's curvy. At first, I didn't buy any case, but as time passed, the curvy back got more and more scratches. Same with the screen, as you buy the phone it doesn't arrive with any REAL screen protection and you need to buy it yourself. That cheap piece of plastic is full of scratches, even more than the back. I got the phone case from a co-worker that sold the phone off (yeah, from the frustration).

Positives: videos on Netflix and Youtube work well. That's it. Oh, also you can call and text. Yeah, THAT'S IT.

Verdict: Do not buy this phone if you want to use more options than calling or texting. Waste of money, waste of nerves. For a similar price, I suggest to check out Motorola Moto G5. 2x more memory; 13mpix main camera; Android 7 Nougat (better than lg g4c's lollipop).
If you're thinking of getting this phone as a gift to someone, from a happy gift from first sight it'll become someone's curse. You broke the phone's screen? Better in price would be getting A BRAND NEW PHONE. Please, for the love of any god/deity/nothing you worship, think at least four times before even considering buying this phone. No offense, LG, but this phone is a piece of frustration and lags.

  • silm.

For of a question..
Does anyone else who uses this phone have Google Assistant?

  • AlexF

Have this phone for 2 years. Great camera, fast navigation and withstanded a lot.
Unfortunately front camera died together with ear piece.
Cost to replace from ebay parts some 30 euros. Give life to your phones people and dont just throw them away...

Regarding battery still alive and kicking and love that you can easily change it since is replaceable. Got a couple of them and never had issues...

  • Anonymous

SaTyu, 30 Sep 2017well after almost 2 years i just now starting to face this probl... moreIf its after 2 years then its normal. Please change the phone.

  • SaTyu

SYA, 11 Sep 2016I have had this phone for a year and it has flourished in all as... morewell after almost 2 years i just now starting to face this problems with battery, its even managed to lose 5% while charging ! this is getting ridiculous

  • Anonymous

Am jxt scared, either i should buy this phone or not. Because i wawna regret

  • Daniel

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2016I've got the same problem, It says my device is rooted even thou... moreUse LG bridge(PC),it said the same thing to mine but i was able to update it with that pc app.

  • AnonD-659868

I have this phone for almost a year, and I want other phone, so that it runs out too quickly. In practice, even on the day they were resident. Then the phone and hanging up very little space is more in some programs and to download. So now I drool from Samsung and already eyeing a Samsung a5 2017. How will we look with this. For now looking at setting it looks really better than lg G4C. So just as I wanted to say about this phone, and I disapprove of his buying and who want to know if it is worth buying.

  • Anonymous

The phone is pretty good for its price. It may crash sometimes but it has a great resolution and it can play some 3d games with 30 fps

  • richard

silm., 04 Jan 2017I've this phone since August 2016. it's an okay for the price. ... moreif the phone shows that it is charging but still 0% give it to a phone Rapiara to change the charging system for u to get 100% charging

  • Anonymous

I think mine is a defect because it often crashes because of the most basic of actions. also it runs apps horribly.

  • Frewaz

silm., 04 Jan 2017I've this phone since August 2016. it's an okay for the price. ... moreChange the USB cable. It worked in my case.

  • silm.

I've this phone since August 2016.
it's an okay for the price.
It has been almost a month since my phone is charging so slowly or even decharges to 0%. I really don't know what to do.

  • AnonD-426627

I've had this LG G4c for 7 months and now it has very little storage left on the phone, a few apps can be moved to the sd card as well as some pictures too, but the phone uses half it's 8GB for the phones operating system and with the constant app updates it quickly runs out of space and you have to delete apps etc, so not really happy with the phone, 8GB is not enough space, app makers you should make your apps so they can be moved to the micro sd card and make the phones user friendly.

  • Anonymous

LG G4c or LG G3s ???

  • alex

this phone is ok for the price you buy it for. Its not that fast but its not slow at all and does all the tasks u need it to do. It has a decent camera although for the price u could get something better.

  • G4c user

Used this phone for more than a year and what i can share is:
PRO: battery is suprisingly good IF you don't use internet all the time and just activate it when you need. I could say that between 2 to 5 days keeps me (WITHOUT internet open all the time); sound is magically especially without a headset, many times i had to lower the volume just for other not to hear my conversation.
CONS: lags in majority of apps and functions, if you put him at work on something that is above basic things comes out a little dissapointing. Sometime freezes for 1-2 seconds when accesing memory eating apps (wheather, facebook etc). All these downsides are around the little RAM which it has.