LG G5 video review

Vince, 25 April, 2016

You've probably already read our detailed LG G5 review, but if you've skipped it because of a lack of time, our video review comes to the rescue!

In just a tad under six short minutes, you'll know everything about LG's flagship for 2016. Don't worry, we've also covered the LG Friends accessories.

In the end, we appreciate the risks LG took with the G5. The phone is a breath of fresh air in the 2016 flagship battle. Even if the LG G5 fails to monetize the innovation behind it, the lessons it brings to the company will be invaluable.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Good Phone

  • LG G5

The phone of the future.

  • .MAGIC.

All my respect for this company and for its phones. G5 IS THE BEST.

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