LG G7030

LG G7030

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  • touch

its a great phone

  • farhad salari

if it possible i add another ring to this mobile,please advice me.

  • Anonymous

hi can i ask you any question? how can i active screensaver automatically?....or can i active automatically these screensavers? thanks

  • Chris

Hi, a friend my told me about this site cause i bought a lg g7030 it was a great telephone but i couldn't help and the telephone's inside display broke can anyone tell me where can i buy a new display

  • QUerty

it doesn't have MMS! why do I need such a great display, if i cannot receive mms???

  • Smoothmio

I've dropped the phone so many times on the road, and it still works! Only problem is that I think the battery may be lose, at it shuts off occasionally... But still, I quite like the phone. Could have a better SMS system.

  • sherif shalaby

i have LG Mobile 7030 but i lost the manual

  • CoFfEe

can i add any features tat not in LG G7030 to tis hp? for example, if i wan to add a camera on it, izit ok?

  • Tan

Sometime off automatically,
This resulted all my setting erase.
I have to reset my GRPS / time / date /

Anyone can help, so the memamry setting remain

  • sez

is it possible to set a theme ? or to change the colour of menu and text ?

  • chunboy

do anyone know the price of it?

  • sridevi

It is a good looking small cute piece but it should have had more features --like music when the flap opens and closes which is provided by samsung and it should also have the option of forwarding ring tones

  • sam

i wante to ask about ringing tones for lg g7030 mmf or no

  • Pamela

PLEEEAAASE HELP. I bougth the phone in Thailand and I use it in Israel. And I have a problem that some times i receive calls and sometimes not (it goes straight to the voice mail) i'll be very glad if someone can help me.

  • keivan

logo free

  • sagar

sexy phones

  • dera

not worth buying

  • sagar

I am using this phone.thih has troble thar off sometimes atomatically.


I like it so far . I bought it last week. & still getting 2 Know it .

  • khalid

hi dear ...
i bought a new mobile of LG G7030 but i lost the CD for setting up the program to install reng ton and pics ... so please can you help me to find this softwear in the net or send alink to my email ... thanks