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  • Travis999
  • StU
  • 04 Feb 2022

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020Agreed. Don't bother buying this - the Snapdragon 821 is to... moreNonsense, it all depends on personal needs.
I'm still using a phone from 2014,perfectly OK for 2022,i don't try to play games on stupid little screens or try to edit massive 4k videos etc etc.
We hit a cpu platue years ago, the only difference now is gpu's and amount and speed of ram and rom
You give an old sd 805 8-12 gb of ram and see how quick it is.
What was state of the art and very expensive 7 years ago is still good enough today and can be picked up for silly prices.
And what exactly would you do with it if somebody dropped a brand spanking state of art phone in yer lap tomorrow.?
More processing power and ram than lots of laptops, but 99% of the time all that grunt and battery drain is so you can play a few dull games on a tiny screen.
Any half decent phone from 2022 should be usable as a fully capable pc, but phone and pc makers have decided that's not good for their profits, so we have badly crippled, expensive, basicaly usless devices.
Proper cameras take better pictures.
Proper game machines play games properly.
Proper laptops/pc's do everything better.

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    • Gungallo
    • gWF
    • 03 Jul 2021

    I've owned my fit for about a year and a half now. Sure, it's sorta slow for today's triple A games, but it gets the job done. Here are some pros and cons I've found about my device over time:
    1) Full screen usage. The screen goes to the end of each side of the curved panel. There's a little notch on the top for the front-facing camera, but it didn't bother me too much. However, the curved screen makes it in a case slightly difficult, especially when you need to tap the edges of said screen.
    2) Build quality. I threw my phone onto a ceramic surface for fun because I read its specifications. It's pretty sturdy. Haven't tried concrete yet, but it'll probably happen soon.
    3) Battery life. Bigger doesn't always mean better. It depends on how your phone guzzles the battery that makes the difference. I don't use my phone for much except for reading, and it's lasted me 3-4 days on a charge; in other words, it's pretty efficient.
    4) Always-on Display. Most, if not all, phones have it. Good stuff.
    5) All the weird sensors which really aren't necessary on the phone. There's an NFC reader in this phone, which I've found to be useful for programming NFC tags. Aside from that, I haven't used any of its other features like its proximity sensor, magnetometer and gyroscope.
    1) Wi-fi. I've found the wi-fi to be kind of wonky.
    2) Heating. The phone itself turns into searing metal over time.
    3) Camera. The camera sucks. End of story.
    4) Storage. My model had 32GB storage, which felt somewhat insufficient. Get 64GB.
    5) Performance. The G7 Fit freezes up occasionally, sometimes forcing a restart because I couldn't get past the login screen. Might have been an Android 8.1 Oreo issue, but it's still a problem with the phone.

    TL;DR Not a gaming phone, subpar battery, but more than meets the eye. Suffers from glitchy OS, but has a good build quality.

      Nigel, 22 Dec 2020Absolutely omg worst phone i ever had. My Samsung is on rep... moreAlthough encountered late, your submission here, proves invaluable, as I found myself contemplating buying a g7 fit a few minutes ago.

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        • Nigel
        • M}9
        • 22 Dec 2020

        Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019I needed a new phone quickly. Went online and read some pos... moreAbsolutely omg worst phone i ever had. My Samsung is on repair so i had to use my g7 fit again. The headache almost went into rage to throw it

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          • Fabled
          • r79
          • 11 Mar 2020

          For people using the FLIR One this is a good pick.

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            • Anonymous
            • kwS
            • 09 Mar 2020

            tminform, 14 Jan 2020I buy used one and using it about a week. I couldn't believ... moreAgreed. Don't bother buying this - the Snapdragon 821 is too slow for most things in 2020. Either get something with an 835 or newer, or else a midrange device with a lower-res screen.

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              • Maxim
              • sti
              • 25 Feb 2020

              tminform, 14 Jan 2020I buy used one and using it about a week. I couldn't believ... moreI believe this is because of much higher screen resolution in G7. You may change resolution in display settings to 2340x1080 or even 1560x720 if performance matters the most for you. Good luck!

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                • tminform
                • I%j
                • 14 Jan 2020

                I buy used one and using it about a week. I couldn't believe this phone use sdm821. Too slow than I thought. even it slower than my redmi note 5 pro (sdm636). Worst fps in pubg. The only good thing is its dac. Ah, battery is not good too. Its not a phone for me, just dap.

                  Anonymous, 27 Nov 2019Pie update available for G7 fit/Q9! Works great too.Where do you live? How do you get it?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 0V7
                    • 27 Nov 2019

                    Pie update available for G7 fit/Q9! Works great too.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3X3
                      • 31 Aug 2019

                      I needed a new phone quickly. Went online and read some positive reviews of the G7 Fit so I decided to buy one. Absolutely, without question, the worst smartphone I've ever purchased. Slow. Freezes up a lot. Slower than slow.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nm8
                        • 02 Jun 2019

                        Incredible hidden gem of a phone. Quad DAC, stunning display, great design and build quality, fast processor, and a reputable, reliable brand.

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                          • Issy_I
                          • dNj
                          • 22 Apr 2019

                          sz0tyi, 28 Mar 2019Waterproof, Quad DAC, good resolution display. More powerf... moreI really want to buy this phone but the only thing thats holding me back is the battery...3000mah is absolute trash combined with the hi screen resolution and old chip (from 2016!!) So how is battery life? i think its very very poor. LG made a dumb mistake with this chipset and battery

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                            • bogdanovski
                            • JKU
                            • 09 Apr 2019

                            don federico rivero, 28 Feb 2019my lg g7 fit has 175000 antutu score, phone is perfect for ... morein my country BULGARIA ( MY COUNTRY IS A MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ) price for lg g7 fit is 200 eur or 225 $ - new with 2 years warranty
                            EUROPEAN MODEL
                            cheaper than Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64GB 4GB RAM in my country price is 240 eur or 270$ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64GB 4GB RAM

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                              • sz0tyi
                              • 8sa
                              • 28 Mar 2019

                              Mikey, 11 Mar 2019Was actually looking at one of these today... and realized... moreOf course it is more expensive. Newer. Quad DACs are only in models have no wireless charging if you compare to G6. Depends on what you prefer.

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                                • sz0tyi
                                • iJB
                                • 28 Mar 2019

                                Waterproof, Quad DAC, good resolution display. More powerful than middle range processor phones but around same price. Notch can be disabled. It makes quite enough good photos to me. I think for really better photos bigger optical lens would be needed anyway doesn't depend that much on numbers of cameras as much as top brands suggest. Music quality is not comparable to others. Also I like this design. I tought wont like it black but this black is better very dark blue and looks good. My overall conclusion after some usage is that I couldn't buy better phone in this price range including all offers of cheap brands. Really happy with it.

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                                  • Mikey
                                  • NKH
                                  • 11 Mar 2019

                                  Was actually looking at one of these today... and realized how friggin DUMB it is.

                                  Slightly bigger screen, annoying notch, smaller battery less capable camera, no wireless charging and more expensive than a G6. Which has the rest of the specs matched.

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                                    • don federico rivero
                                    • JKU
                                    • 28 Feb 2019

                                    Anonymous, 15 Jan 2019The 660/670 are considerably slower than the 821my lg g7 fit has 175000 antutu score, phone is perfect for that price

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Ix1
                                      • 15 Jan 2019

                                      lgfansclub, 25 Oct 2018this processor same like g6 phone, why no use snapdragon 66... moreThe 660/670 are considerably slower than the 821

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                                        • James Bond
                                        • p7P
                                        • 03 Jan 2019

                                        Lord Kaktus, 17 Nov 2018SD 821 has better performance than those processors. I've t... moreOf course sd821 more powerful than those. Consider that those you mention are mid range processors and this one is from top range, although it is a little old. But I think it is better to buy something like xiaomi poco fi with sd 845 which is cheaper or some of the huawei models with kirin970 which are somewhere on the same price range.