LG G Pro Lite

LG G Pro Lite

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  • Anonymous

Is this mini SIM or micro SIM?

  • grissom0925

I like the spec:
1. 5.5" IPS LCD screen
2. Stylus pen
3. Dedicated mic for noise cancellation
4. Removable battery
5. Dual Sim

Now, only high price might stop me from buying this device.

  • AnonD-190733

Better than L9 ? LOL :D
L9 has A9 processor. And look at the density of 245 ppi vs 200 ppi.

  • Anonymous

Good choice better than L9 p786.

  • bharat

lg g pro lite is fantastic fetures and big screen vry vry good design i like it options and feturesw and design

  • Anonymous

LG used MTK 6577 chipset (Early 2012), very funny :)
It was a good chipset, but AGAIN : IT WAS.
I'm wondering why they didn't choosed MTK6589 or MTK6592, I think these chipsets are not much expensiver than 6577.

There are too many unbranded chinese phones with HD display arround 150-200 dollars even with MTK6589 SoC.

Very wrong choice for LG.
I don't think this phone has much chance, even for low-budget markets.
Look other specs...
Screen : qHD for 5.5 giant screen ( may be you can see see pixels )
Connectivity : MTK chips have allways issues with 3G and WiFi, especially WiFi performing not very well.
3G/HSPA arround 4-5 mbps (depends on your mobile provider)
Audio quality : Very basic DSP, makes not much difference if you use good quality headsets.
Software : Jellybean 4.1.2 ( its a bit old, isn't it? )

However, may be LG surprises people and provide good software support which I don't think so :)

They never did that most of past phones like : LG p970, p920, p880, so on...

  • reza133

hi friends
is it good for internet and read book?

  • Anonymous

its too lite :(
atleast 1.4 ghz quad core processor shud ve been put

  • Drive!

This is what I want. Big screen with large battery. I guess this will not be expensive though. I really wanna get this phone.

  • AnonD-62471

rocko, 16 Oct 2013Lol totally weak chipset...you cant expect s800 in cheap mobile... depending on prices features also varies

  • Gura

This low end Chipset, MediaTek processor smartphone should not cost more than £ 200.
otherwise no buyers would be available for it.

  • AnonD-62471

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2013HAHAHA! 250$? Dude, this will be more like 500$, 5.5" ... moredude who told you that it will be around 500$ hope it will lie between 300$ to 400$

  • rigelstuff

1GHz dual core???
Come on LG!
When they said "lite," they meant it!
And a Mediatek processor? Good grief!

  • rocko

Lol totally weak chipset...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-48654, 15 Oct 2013I like the battery I think dual core and 1 GB ram is enough... moreHAHAHA! 250$? Dude, this will be more like 500$, 5.5" QHD and HUGE battery. LOL NO Dude.

  • AnonD-48654

I like the battery I think dual core and 1 GB ram is enough for me to watch videos while travelling ,I hope the price won't be over $250.