LG GC900 Viewty Smart

LG GC900 Viewty Smart

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  • Anonymous

I love this phone

  • AnonD-212727

Ok... so managed to get this phone to work. It is the exact same copy of the LG Arena haha.. the camera while it is 8MP, the Renoir camera is way better as far as quality, but the Viewty Smart is slightly better than the Arena. Music player is the same as the Arena except it is now missing the 3.5mm jack, and it is also missing the 8GB storage, WHY?! Good fun with fun little gadgets! Outdated but can still function very well

  • AnonD-212727

Bought this phone out of whim, when I opened it the software was very irresponsive. Once I fixed it, the battery became weak and the charge cable doesn't work.. I have yet to play with this device :(

  • black

this has very power full display.it s then galaxy s2

  • Anonymous

zet, 20 Nov 2014How do you download whattsup on this phoneyou can not :)

  • zet

How do you download whattsup on this phone

  • AnonD-212727

aDICUIGREC, 01 Nov 2012This has 311 ppi so it's a retina display, way before apple... moreLol that's true, it is "retina display" also the iPhone 4S has a very similar design to the LG Viewty haha

  • biittu

whts app doesnt work alawys hang prob's

  • AnonD-181276

how to use whats app on this?????

  • rio

how to use whats app on this?????

  • xenonnonex

It is a good phone but operating system doesn't support any programs. unfortunately someone stole my phone in Nairobi, Kenya, while I am driving my car on the street.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2012Can't find its touch pad, plz helpIf by touch pad you mean the number pad for dialling, touch the Green button with a white phone in it down the bottom left corner. I hope this helps

  • AnonD-82964

great phone!!

  • SH

DO not buy this phone ,it`s a hateful phone ,
can`t play music during any work , not work always have hang problems , it`s really bad mobile phone.

  • Anonymous

Can't find its touch pad, plz help


This has 311 ppi so it's a retina display, way before apple iphone 4. Sue them LG

  • chinnu

none of the apps are getting downloaded.. can u plz help me????

  • Anonymous

According to gsmchoice_com, it has an ARM9 and 256mb of RAM mem. Some other specs say that its ARM9 is monocore and has 1GHz.

  • riz

how to download skype video call

  • Allie

I bought mine because of the Perfect Camshot. I hope it has a screenshot as well :))