LG GD510 Pop

LG GD510 Pop

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  • Anonymous

Nice, but small and light mean small battery, and charging at least everyday.

  • Jin

smallest and slimmest 3 inch touch screen. even smaller than the first Prada.

I guess that is called achievement.

  • Jake

This is exactly the kind of cell phone I'm looking for! Slim, 3 inch display, within price range and the opportunity to actually being able to charge it through the solar panel is really cool. One thing though, how much built in memory will it have?, will the charging be used through the same port as the headphone? (which probably would be the usb), 3 mm audio jack? And if there are any news about when it will be released in Europe, I would be happy to heart it!

  • Cmg.

I got a LG GW520 and i really like it but the earphones and charger are rubbish. I really hope the Pop bit does stand for music and they make a 3.5mm earphone jack because the earphones my phone and most other LG's take are really bad quality mine broke in 1 day so they aren't very good.

  • Tc18

The old kp500 has 12fps video record i hope lg makes the pop with 30fps i hope the name pop means music wot do u think

  • Anonymous

Wow nice looks lg
i got a kp500 it looks like a 2004 pda thb pop looks like a mid rage mp4 player its 20% smaler then kp500
so u wil feel the difrents 3% lighter wel u wont feal that i live in the uk i see the kp500 costs 50 n the veuty 5mp is 80
so i cant the pop coasting more then 100 n the sola cant coast more then 50 even thats alot so if u think a gw520 with wifi 3g n gps 4 150 so i would like to see the pop at 130 with a solo panal but i hope the name pop means music cos the kp500 earphones r realy bad i hope it cums with a 3.5mm adapter but if i upgrae ill buy a 5530 at 130 wi fi 360x640 ses gr8 music player so how much wil u pay 4 the pop in uk

  • zenmind

why are manufacturers continuing to make large touchscreen phones WITHOUT qwerty input?

I don't understand. T9 is a texting joke for anybody wanting to send an emails.
I don't get it.

  • pinkllama

does this phone/the original cookie allow numbers to be blocked?

  • mark

nice phone. good looks. good interface. very samsung F480 though.which is not a bad thing.

well done LG.

  • Anonymous

I wish GSMarena would post a review on this phone already ! I'm dying to see what it's like ^^

  • anno

3.15 cam but no 3G wat a waste.
think ill stick wid my current
phone.lg means lifes gay ha ha
ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

Wow, i really like it, its got nice designs and it looks like it will work really well... the features are also great... i have an LG GW520 and its very similar to that exept certain things have been updated... its like a new cookie!

  • rakeb

khoonoh, 01 Oct 2009TBC mean "to be certified". not a new type of memory.ok thank you>>

  • Seeker

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I know the price of cookie very well. I asked whether the price of new LG POP will be same like cookie.

  • Seeker

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2009nw its price is 9k........9k Rs or what? Is it already out in market? I'm buying Samsung star in a week. But if this phone is in the same price,then i'll wait for LG pop. It has 8gb memory! Lot's of movies and music i can store.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970nw its price is 9k........

  • metallicmobile

super looks luks like carbon fibre in silver lol!!!

  • Rajib Sarker

Only 3.15MP moreover no flash!

  • HB

Another COokie?No Wifi,well,but luckily there's 3G

  • C

khoonoh, 01 Oct 2009TBC mean "to be certified". not a new type of memory.TBC=To be confirmed?