LG GD550 Pure

LG GD550 Pure

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  • aidan fintan

This would be a really good phone except one thing: The damm thing goes completely dead when the battery runs down without any warning. I got caught several times. Not any more...I gave away this phone for free. Sorry LG. Not for me.
Aidan Heffernan

  • Egh Muga III

I think its a great phone. But I tend to think they actually copied the Nokia 65OO slide design. otherwise it a great phone.

  • jain india

lg 's main problem is user interfaces.....they are too simple and too oldy........

  • junakis

6700 slide is better and cheaper

  • Anonymous

Steven_T, 18 Sep 2010This phone look like Nokia X3 WTH .This Phone is much older than x3

  • Steven_T

This phone look like Nokia X3 WTH .

  • Steven_T

check out the Sony Ericsson Hazel for the same price with Wifi too LG make shit phone only the look .

  • Anonymous

Bob, 09 Sep 2010I don't know whether you were just being ironic or not, but the ... moreOh, thanks. I wasn't aware of this one - just reading the GSMArena review. I'll have to check out if it's available in my country (Croatia) as there's a problem with PayPal (they don't allow sending money to here, so if I decide to return something I can't get my money back). Cheers!

  • Bob

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2010Hmmm... do you know of a phone with 5MP and autofocus I could ge... moreI don't know whether you were just being ironic or not, but the closest thing that comes to mind is Samsung s7220 ultra-b - that's available (for about 100 EUROS though, sorry, but as I said, that's the closest thing I know) in ebay.

  • Anonymous

hi all, im planning to buy this unit, just want to know if LG has software similar to Nokia's PC Suite? where i connect my phone to pc via bluetooth and send/receive message thru my pc? tks in advance!

  • William Honda

This is a Great Photo with more metal and Stable for Senior users (eg. no SNS application)

  • Anonymous

azu_ichi, 30 Aug 2010whoa... I'l think about buying this handset only and IF ONLY it ... moreHmmm... do you know of a phone with 5MP and autofocus I could get for $100 without signing a contract? Preferably in Europe? And I mean something that doesn't go online for every small silly thing like Android or iOS, my mobile internet is expensive. And I don't mean a used phone.

  • azu_ichi

whoa... I'l think about buying this handset only and IF ONLY it costs less tahn $100. If it's not, then I have words for LG, "Hey LG!!! Wake up bro!!! This is Q3 2010, not 2006!!!" 5MP without HD recording on a feature phone without internet connection? L-A-M-E

  • Anonymous

Good Phone !!! BUT Damm LOUSY ACCESSORIES See the headset ??? please la use 2.5mm or 3.5 mm la so outdated LG still using their own Proprietary headsst jet LG=LOUSY

  • jain india

its too late now we have already used nokia 6500 as same at it

  • mar

this phone is beautiful, i want this phone, if u r a nokia fanatics, go away, lol,

  • Anonymous

aljosha, 18 Aug 2010Finally one phone not simbian,not windovs,not android.but with g... moreExactly! I don't want an internet phone, I have a computer for that and don't want to pay for the same thing twice. Just a normal phone with good camera and when I'm outside I need a camera, not internet. I go out to take a rest from internet and if I see something nice I'll photograph it. Now, this one or SE Hazel...?

  • Anonymous

DON"T BUY THIS PHONE! what were these guys thinking. i've never owned a phone that doesn't have some kind of external indication (light) for missed phone calls, voicemail, charging status. i guess we're just supposed to wonder about these minor things. So it's supposed to be stunningly simple, great for the older set. they just want a simple phone with big numbers. oh, the numbers on the key pad are quite big enough. unfortunately, those numbers are pathetically tiny on their "extra large" 2.4' screen. what did they do with all that open space...absolutely nothing. even the power level is crammed up top, in black and white, along with all the other indicators up there. end result... it all looks like a white blur.
i paid $240 for this piece of junk with mid nineties user interface. DON'T BUY IT!

  • TMT

tgis is the worse i have ever seen.nokia rules lg u r a looser and lifes gay for ppl who supports lg.nokia rocks

  • daddy-s

Looks like a really good phone for all the lil boys and gals that are stil in school. lol but thats the trut