LG GM360 Viewty Snap

LG GM360 Viewty Snap

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  • joy pereira

Macbeth, 29 May 2018I remember someone I knew who had this phone. I still won't forget.best pone with great memories love the awesome

Tough little phone I still have it. Mostly as a music player because it’s so small but without internet it doesn’t connect to anything. Love the concept and love the 3.5 mm Jack!

  • Fletch

I have had this phone for 8 years . I dropped it in the bath once ..... still works. People like rich and jimmmmmmmyyy ( AKA Corrigan ) take the mick ..... its because they are well jell !!! ...... currrrrrrrrryy time !!!

I remember someone I knew who had this phone. I still won't forget.

  • Wayne

I've had my LG GM360 Vieiwty Snap now about 2010 and it's been a great little phone and it's been in the washing machine on full cycle and after drying it out it still worked..I wont be doing that again though lol'
I would like to get another case for it though my one needs replacing now, I've tried to find one but without any luck. would like to know if anyone has any ideas on where I can get one,, thanks..

  • MickJack

untold_story, 11 Sep 2012I bought LG GM360 in September 2010 from Germany. The phone work... moreI have had my Lg viewty 360 snap since 2010.
brilliant little phone to text phone and take photos,

  • TibinMob

i am still using LG gm360....first of all i want to tell about camera of this phone......it has an excelent camera with flash .......one major thing i notice with the phone is touch....it do not have a sensitive touch it makes usage rough and tough...........software upgradation is avilable according to LG company but those phone update cannot be performed...........the main problem with the phone is that its default powersave mode contains 20% display brightness....if you are using phone brightness below 20% when battery become low your phones brightness increases quickly...Eg.....if i am using brightness 10% if my phones battery is about to empty the power save mode becomes on....and brightness jumps to 20%...it causes quick loss of charge.............we cannot play video or music when the battery is low....it says battery low........Thank You

  • AnonD-212727

Mark, 02 Jan 2015How can I transfer music from my computer to my phone? Ive tried... moreIf you have Bluetooth and your PC does too, that is one way. It transfers very easily just takes time is all. LG's bluetooth on these phones somehow work flawlessly. The usb is crap

  • AnonD-212727

OMG I remember I wanted this phone so bad at some point. LG had a bad habit of separating the features on their flagship mobiles. Example, Arena had the 8GB memory and the 3.5mm audio jack, but the Viewty Smart had the 8MP camera with very small memory, and NO 3.5mm audio jack.. also the LG Renoir was able to play big 640 movies in great definition.. the Arena and Viety Smart could not.. instead their video playback settled for only 340. This phone had some nice features specially with the built in Twitter and Facebook apps, but they werent enough to drop my LG Arena at the time. And Oh man, these phones become terrible with time. Takes a whole day to semi charge it, yet it loses power at such a rapid pace.. Would love to see LG come up with a smart phone version of the S-Class, and combine the Viewty, Renoir, Arena, Viewty Smart, and Viewty Snap into one solid smart phone in 2015!! These phones rocked! But lacked a ton!

  • Paul

Mark, 02 Jan 2015How can I transfer music from my computer to my phone? Ive tried... moreHi
Just seen your question and am thinking of getting one of these, don't know if this we will help but on my nokia you have to go into the settings for connectivity and select usb mode then plug into pc
Hope this helps.

  • Lolman

Its not so bad.Camera is good but video camera is crap.I have problem with youtube(it cant load buffer) and i have problem with formating memory card(it wont format)

  • Mark

How can I transfer music from my computer to my phone? Ive tried all sorts of different leads from both the charging point and the headphone point but when I connect on my computer I get nothing on the computer screen or the phone. how do I do it?

  • Anonymous

can I phone Russia with it or text???

  • AnonD-328663

Can say by far this is the worst mobile phone I have ever owned or used, touchscreen is slow to respond, features are few to none, struggle to use E-mail, regularly fails to receive SMS, when i answer calls you cannot hear what the other caller is saying, they have to call you a second time. After 3 months the battery was shot, struggling to have 2 hours of usage, after a year now down to 10 mins of battery life. Two redeeming features are that the MP3 player is quite good and you can use the touchscreen with gloves on. I use this as my MP3 player now haha, stay clear!

  • EG

Can I connect my GM360 to my pc and transfer my messages to the pc?

  • meh

NB, 19 Apr 2014It has got wi-fi? no

  • DOnze

It has a full flop set it has no wifi & it has a simple software & also bad so bad battery timing.

  • NB

It has got wi-fi?

  • Anonymous

good but the battery runs out easily on mine

  • AnonD-236437

It calls when it has headphones in because it goes to call log with the "answer call" button and then calls the number. you need earphones without any buttons