LG GW370 Shannon joins the leak marathon

11 March, 2010

It hasn't been even a day since we met the six new LG handsets presented in Netherlands, but here goes another one. LG GW370 Shannon is another touch-based phone with QWERTY keyboard and a trackball.

The new LG GW370 Shannon looks quite like the popular KS360 and the just announced KS365, because of its oval-shaped body and round keys.

The features known so far include a resistive touchscreen with QVGA or WQVGA resolution, sliding full QWERTY keyboard, a trackball, Bluetooth and microSD slot. The phone will most probably run on the downgraded version of the S-Class user interface we met in the LG GW520 and GD510 Pop.

There is no official information on the LG GW520 Shannon just yet, so pricing or availability remain a mystery.



Reader comments

  • kieran

from the LG KS360 and viewty, i really hope they improve their standards, i know of a lot of LG's which tend to freeze or become really slow

  • Tor Ma k chudi

An entry segment warrior.nice work lg.the look is good,trackball nav is warm welcome.lets see the price

  • Bill

''One of the most beautiful phones for 2010'' Oh Dear, I don't hold out much hope for 2010 then.

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