LG GW990

LG GW990

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  • AnonD-212727

Ah, too bad it was cancelled. It was the perfect size.. and the display looks amazing. The specs however, I would say the LG Arena packs better internal specs.. a 2015 version of this would be amazing!

  • ADciuiregc

Iphone 6:))

  • indonesian

I love it, i love long display, nice for reading doc. please don't canceled.....

  • Anonymous

4.8inch is too big, 480x1024 display resolution? wow

  • Eddie

It's a shame...

  • DBS

no cancell

  • spynoodle

I really wish that this wasn't cancelled. This would have been a great device.

  • Simon frady

actually this should be the greatest phone for LG . so please don't cancel this product. i would to buy it too ..
i'm fans on all of LG products, from smartphone, fridge, air con ,notebook ..

  • Josh

Oh, this phone got cancelled? Too bad...
It reminds me of the new chocolate... haha
Im sure it would be a big hit if it was a smartphone

  • Anonymous

Im also sad it go cancelled.
But Im not sure it will last forever, I could see LG making a new version, just updating it, with HDMI, 720p recording, and to fit the MeeGo-system, a USB-host port.

then we could really have something.
The Dell Streak simply is just a bit clumpsy, this was pushing the limit for something that you can hold to your ear. but on the other hand, with bluetooth, you dont really have to. But still, I hope this makes a comeback, with better spec's.

  • corps_commander

Yes, I agree. Why cancel this phone. I wanted to buy it, but now, I guess I have to buy the Iphone4 and Steve Jobs will be a richer man again. Damn.

  • Sameh

Most probably it has been cancelled because of the deal between Intel and Nokia of mergining their two OSs (Maemo + Moblin the orginal OS of this phone) to MeeGo. Which I guess desn't like LG or Nokia pushed Intel to cancel it to Not burn their new OS

  • Julia

OMG why is it canceled? I really liked this phone! Even though its huge, I DON'T CARE! Why oh why LG~ I guess Korea thought this phone is so damn huge that not a lot of people would buy it cause nowadays people tend to go for the small phones right? But still, LG should at least give this phone a chance.

  • Anonymous

i always support Lg why cancel this phone am so sad because i want to buy it

  • Anonymous

heart broken :(
soo set on getting this


why why this phone is canxled whyyyy dis phone was amazing

  • xtian

lg user, 10 May 2010a very large display for a phone i think. a screen as wide as th... morelarger than psp

  • Anonymous

Too bad this fone waz cancelled.

  • woody

it would be a groundbreaking.
nothing compare.....

  • Anonymous

i dont like it at all