LG GX500

LG GX500

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  • Tamago yaki

Why its international hand-set does not provide us with availability of reading email of Japanese font?
Is it prejudiced ? I don't want to think so.

  • Daniel - Perú

my question is: this phone works on dual sim simultaneously?

  • mahmoud

very nice mobile but it has some bad feature
1- Bad camera resolution and have no zoom by using 3 MP option
2-slitly slow sofweare
3- speed dial spcially for line no one only and can not switht between the two lines
4- have some drops during music playnig

  • AnonD-8787

This phone sucks big time.. also LG customer support in Nepal. They won't exchange it for Optimus one after adding money.. I'll sell this phone and never buy another LG ...

  • Anonymous

Why is the camera without flash. you cant take a picture in the dark because of that. Why LG.

  • mooooo

dramir1, 22 Apr 2011bad phone dont buy once you backup your phonebook u will not b... morebuy samsung b7722 its vere good phone


i hav been using this phone for 6 months and i hav a different problem never experienced in any other phones.if any SMS will come when there is no space in my inbox.it ll not stop incoming but there is a frequent coming of same messages with minimum 10 copies.next is, it madly changes the sender and content.example: if priya says 'hai'.it ll display nita says 'hai.it has made lots of misunderstandings n there by serious problems

  • denno

is it possible to lock the messages so that accessing you have to use a pin

  • vinlg

I just want to know if there is a SMS thread for this phone before I buy it. I want to see previous sms just like in iphone or blackbery.

  • Gie

Pre-installed stupid games and other software I cannot use and cannot get rid of.
Cannot install Skype. Poor Opera-Mini browser.
LG doesn't offer valuable apps? Only cheep rubbish. It was a bad and wrong buy ... I have put it for sale.

  • jimbatshell4

Lukebad, 14 Mar 2011I read that the reception frequently dies... Is that true? That ... morei have had this phone for over 6 months and never had a problem!! i travel alot country to country! thats why i wanted duel sim.i think its a great phone,just wish it had gps

  • Terminator

Finally I bought this phone!!!
- Its a nice mobile, with cool features, but a little slow in file transfer via bluetooth or USB.
- Image editing is feature is good.
- I couldn't find the FM recording (as in specifications) and call recording features.

  • Prakash

i wanted to sale this handset if anyone wanted to purchase call me at 9833162636

  • ren

dramir1, 22 Apr 2011bad phone dont buy once you backup your phonebook u will not b... morei encountered the same problem. buy samsung e2652w instead.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2011I want 2 find out if both sims operate simultaneously or is ther... moreYes both the sim can run simultaneously.

  • titodafea

it's a good phone with me till now .. i bought it about a month ago....but there's a PROBLEM with me...after i made (reset settings) the phone can not receive bluetooth messages ..it can not be shown in other mobiles while searching although the bluetooth is on and set to (visible)...but it can send and find other phones....ANYONE CAN HELP ME???

  • dramir1

bad phone dont buy
once you backup your phonebook u will not be able to access your phonebook again unless u wait for 2-3minutes
so, while driving the car press phonebook and wait 2-3 min to access it!!!!!!!!!!!!.
the problem continued even after updating the software also not solved>...finally after purchase the phone 3days online to find solution but not solved
i returned it to the shop and told him about the problem and fortuntly he accepted to return me my money back....i dont know which phone can be owned with good features and 2sim active standby???????????

  • Anonymous

I want 2 find out if both sims operate simultaneously or is there need to switch any sim to default in order to recieve or make a phone call?

  • AnonD-3100

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2011I just bought the phone 3 weeks ago. I 'm quite disappointed wi... more
This is just a "phone", not a smartphone.
If you want all those things you've reported as being "cons", get a BlackBerry, an Android OS phone or even a Symbian.

Geesh! Some people just can't see the difference between a feature phone and a smartphone,gosh!

I've had this LG for months and can tell you that it does its job properly. Mine never froze, never restarted. The camera is not bad, standby time is awesome for a dual sim (I should know, since it is my 5th dual sim).

  • Sanjeev shah

Dear sir / Madam
After reading the features of LG GX500 i would like this dual Sim mobile very much but can any user of this moble told me regarding the performance of this mobile so that i can buy this mobile witout any hesitation.