“LG IMS” Bug was causing some LG phones on T-Mobile to go offline

Ricky, 24 May 2022

LG devices on T-Mobile may have experienced a serious hiccup towards the end of the weekend. A backend change caused LG devices to display a persistent error that caused “LG IMS” to crash without ability to connect to cellular services. The following error message above continued to show, even after being dismissed, with little time to perform other actions between error messages.

Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped.

The good news is that a resolution has been issued. Anyone with an LG device on T-Mobile experiencing this problem should restart their devices to fix the issue. Those who do not restart their devices should see the issue resolved over the next day. This was confirmed by one of TMo Report’s ‘trusted sources’.

LG Velvet in the Dual Screen accessory LG Velvet in the Dual Screen accessory

The cause of the issue was a change T-Mobile made to its systems that affected the LG devices connected to the carrier. The app that displayed the error, LG IMS, is a system protocol used to handle data and voice connections over LTE. This component of LG’s firmware was briefly broken, causing these devices to become unable to make calls or use their device with the message constantly in the way.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 16 Jun 2022
  • IbI

Total incompetence About a month ago a box showed up on my phone that said LG IMS and kept flashing Seconds Apart on the screen I contacted T-Mobile for about 2 weeks on and off going back and forth finding out they had me looking for things on m...

  • Poppelita
  • 13 Jun 2022
  • jZR

My phone has been acting up since Sunday. I have shut down for a few hours, then turned it back on-Problem not solved. I turned it off last night and turned it back on this morning-Problem not solved. I turned it off again earlier for an hour-Problem...

  • notabum
  • 04 Jun 2022
  • IYn

bruh stop being a bum and get a better phone LG stopped making phones for a reason

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