LG just patented a full screen display module of its own

Victor, 27 February 2018

It's pretty clear the full screen display trend isn't going away any time soon. And since staying relevant is essential in the mobile realm, it should come as no surprise that LG Display is working on some designs of its own. A recently published patent filing shows an entire display module, in a distinctive rounded-off shape - more than likely a take on the full screen display concept.

LG Display full screen module LG Display full screen module LG Display full screen module
LG Display full screen module

LG's particular approach seems to involve a hole near the top of the panel, which will probably house the earpiece and, as some have speculated, might have room for the selfie camera as well. If that is indeed the case, we'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it's a better approach, compared to the increasingly popular "notch" one.

Unfortunately, the document itself does not contain any references to models, nor any dimensions. At least, we couldn't spot them. These would have been nice to have and potentially reference some future smartphone model, like the LG G7. While that is clearly the most obvious guess for the purpose of the new full screen display, let's not forget that LG Display is also commissioned for various third-party parts. Most notably, as per the latest reports, that includes OLED panels for two of Apple's upcoming iPhone models.

LG just patented a full screen display module of its own

The other interesting bit about the patent filing itself is that it shows what appears to be an entire, ready display assembly, complete with ribbon cables and a controller, as opposed to a design concept. This suggests that the part in question is pretty far along in its development cycle and could be marketable very soon.

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Reader comments

Mi mix 2 has similar setup as vivo apex and that other phone I never heard about it

  • Marco M
  • 01 Mar 2018
  • Mu3

You dont need a ugly notch to have a traditional ear pice. Look at Mi Mix 2 and Leagoo Kiicaa Mix. It's in the top frame and steals absolutely no screen realestate.

  • AnonD-473668
  • 28 Feb 2018
  • 4Aw

We don't need to pay more for round corner screens, notches or holes in our screens. More colors (gamut) and brighter (HDR local dimming) would be useful. Forehead and chin, 18+:9 and dual speakers would permit the large phones to have a b...

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