LG K10 (2017)

LG K10 (2017)

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Bigbossmiloszeck, 26 Apr 2023i ate this phone lve never used it my friend alex says its ... morehow did it taste

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    • Bigbossmiloszeck
    • Tsm
    • 26 Apr 2023

    i ate this phone lve never used it my friend alex says its good but i hate it >:(

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      • Pku
      • XUx
      • 23 Jun 2022

      Fikzo, 11 Apr 2022I bought the phone very happy with it. The problem is the b... moreTrue bro, same issue here. I managed to get a duplicate battery but no originals are there as their SCs are shut down in India

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        • Fikzo
        • Fw%
        • 11 Apr 2022

        I bought the phone very happy with it. The problem is the battery I cant find it anywhere ever since the phone was discontinued. Still working well. Can it be continued please.

          Is it true that this cellphone has an NFC feature?
          if there is, how to activate it and please tutorial..

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            • Anonymous
            • teu
            • 26 Aug 2021

            I bought this phone

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              • kaybee
              • N9h
              • 01 Apr 2021

              i real like the phone

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                • Simon
                • 39x
                • 14 Feb 2021

                Wonderful removable battery!! I love this..

                Very disappointed there is no LED notification light. Why did you remove this function LG?

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                  • MIKE
                  • M3h
                  • 01 Jan 2021

                  Had this phone for 2 9 months Been g8 to date. For my basic usage. Now just starting to show signs screen concerns. G8 Value for money. LG K10 Is winner for me using basic phone usage Re photos, Bluetooth, FB, GT, and GPS. alike.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nt@
                    • 21 Nov 2020

                    Alilo, 09 Oct 2020I have this device theres no fingerprint option and no oreo... morethere is an unofficial way to upgrade it to 8.1 it's on youtube I tried it and it works fine

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                      • Alilo
                      • CDA
                      • 09 Oct 2020

                      I have this device theres no fingerprint option and no oreo update ...
                      Any solution

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                        • Nostrand
                        • JQN
                        • 18 Aug 2020

                        I've been using it for 2 years and 4 months. Quite slim, it gives you a feeling of being higher quality than it actually is. Didn't know the camera had an HDR mode until recently... The selfie cam with wide angle was a pleasant surprise too (though I did notice it early), it even impressed people with clearly more expensive phones back then.

                        I never had a problem with the phone shutting down at certain percentages of battery, but as time passed by, I did encounter some variations in the charging time from 20% to full, from 8 hours to about 20. The rotation is kind of buggy and slow responsive.

                        But overall, the phone felt decent and did its job, you can probably get at least 3 years of good use depending on your care, with decaying responsiveness towards the end.

                        Will probably replace it soon by Oneplus Nord / Google Pixel 4a / Nokia 9 Pureview.

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                          • Wonderer
                          • bJx
                          • 17 Jul 2020

                          Had this phone for 2 years Works ok. Battery life questionable. Some times charges up in 8 hours from 20% Other times takes 20 hours___? Now starting to loose touch [call answering] on screen Doubt Id buy another one. Albeit wasn't over expensive from day one. Battery life is questionable from day one Never good.

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                            • Omar Aguilar
                            • x%H
                            • 16 Jun 2020

                            In my case even with a brand new battery it kept shutting down. Terrible product. I will never buy another LG PHONE anymore.

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                              • sergio
                              • JG5
                              • 05 May 2020

                              Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Phone is Better than i excepted Used for almost 2 years bat... moreHi, in my case the main issue was the battery, it didn't even last for half a day, in the end simply stopped charging, I had to buy a new phone even though it still was under the warranty. Totally disappointed.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • nwS
                                • 10 Apr 2020

                                Anonymous, 09 Mar 2019lg dont released oreo update for the middle east and many o... moreWdym I have oreo since 2018 😐

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                                  • dalpang
                                  • RJQ
                                  • 18 Feb 2020

                                  Can I know the exact specification of Accelerometer of K10 ??

                                  was It classified secret???

                                  Plz Let me know the exact specification of accelerometer or name of it..

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Mk5
                                    • 15 Jan 2020

                                    Phone is Better than i excepted Used for almost 2 years battarey is good lasts an long time
                                    Overall build is good removable battrey
                                    Gaming is perfect not bad or good it is in the perfect thing
                                    only thing is bad that my shattered into huge spiderweb and usb port little bit ruined
                                    and overall phone is good
                                    still use it as my daily

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                                      • Amir Hossein
                                      • dQI
                                      • 22 Dec 2019

                                      Hey guys I used this phone for 4 years. every things is good like cpu and ram(playing pubg and call of duty without any bug and problem) but when the precent of battery is 40 or 30 phone be off and you should charge it again and another problems are both camera's quality and plastic body

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                                        • LucPuc
                                        • d%A
                                        • 27 Aug 2019

                                        I have had my phone for two years, ever since my Samsung S6 Edge died after not even a full year of use. The ONLY thing I miss is the camera. This phone is much better for multiple reasons: it can hold an SD card and is dual-sim (good even if I don't use that option), the battery can be removed without the needing professionals (and payment), it witstands falling much better (it only has a few scratches and hasn't died yet, unlike the S6), it was much cheaper because it isn't a big name like Samsung... I like this phone so much I got a second one second-hand (also LG K10). My first one has no big camera problems, only the issue of memory being taken up all the time (I blame Whatsapp and Instagram). The second one, however, has the problem mentioned in other people's comments here. I just cannot make it focus for the life of me. Sometimes shaking it around makes it work, but there's no sure-fire way to do it. I use the second one for any apps I want to have but that don't fit on the first phone, and it's great.

                                        One big thing I would like to say, however, is that the phone has a problem with wifi. It simply cannot see some and therefore cannot connect to them at all. Even if it worked once, when it decides it can't, you can't make it work again (trust me, I've tried). This is only a problem with the second-hand one, the first one only experiences something similar right after I boot it up after it crashes from low battery. Then it cannot see my home wifi, for example, but only for a few minutes.