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  • Anonymous
  • CGY
  • 05 Jun 2024

Billybobs, 23 Aug 2021I didn't realize when I got it this is a 3G phone darn... moreWhere is the fm radio I can't find it

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    • Prashant
    • rAN
    • 12 Mar 2024

    Anonymous, 30 Dec 2023My father uses one and it's not the best phone in the ... moreIt was a basic entry level Android phone at its time.

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      • Anonymous
      • Y1Q
      • 30 Dec 2023

      My father uses one and it's not the best phone in the world. Not enough storage space. Keeps getting storage full notifications after receiving a few calls and texts. He only has some pics and vids on the phone and no major apps as he does not use them. Not sure how much longer he will keep it at this rate. It's fine if you don't plan on using any apps or saving any videos or pictures I guess.

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        • Billybobs
        • bfL
        • 23 Aug 2021

        cannyscot, 13 Jul 2021One downside. When I bought this phone it was 8 GB of memor... moreI didn't realize when I got it this is a 3G phone darn it 2016 released I've only had it like not even 2 years this is 2021going on 22 soon

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          • cannyscot
          • EL{
          • 13 Jul 2021

          One downside. When I bought this phone it was 8 GB of memory expandable to 16 GB with an sd card. The basic installed system uses over 7 GB and the sd card is only good for saving pictures and videos. Therefore not too many additional apps can be added before all the memory is used up.

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            • Big Boy Pants
            • kWL
            • 02 Jul 2021

            I thank all of you for your opinion!

            This has been very helpful for my planning.
            Please scroll to discover why this is true,
            and to read my opinion of this phone at end
            of posting.


            Repetitive model/manufacturer bashing makes
            those who post almost identical information
            or complaints, seem as if they are unable to read
            or understand Posting Rules.

            This is obviously NOT true. If one is able
            to write, one is able to read, unless blind.

            I decide to help out by reminding folks:

            > No bashing - deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand
            > No trolling - deliberately antagonizing other brand/model . . .
            > Read before you post. Search before you post. Your question is probably already answered

            Please remember, if you have acquired less
            expensive phone, please remember that this IS,
            after all, SIMPLY A PHONE with a few extra
            (lower cost) features. This sounds silly to say, but
            seems necessary.

            Example: When buying a car to travel to and from
            workplace, it is ludicrous to complain about sound
            system - one is not purchasing a portable
            entertainment system with wheels, but transport
            with radio.

            Please, let us all put on "big boy pants". The site
            programmers have made simple to use provided
            Rating System to approve or disapprove remarks
            similar or identical to one's own thoughts.

            MY Opinion: This is not an iPhone costing $1000.
            It is economy phone, and as such, it works. Yes,
            I broke screen during 1st week also. But I come
            here to discover solutions.

            Thanks to you, I shall buy extra INEXPENSIVE
            battery, microphone ribbon and ear speaker, along
            with most important screen protector with new
            digitizer. ALL of these are much cheaper than new

            THANK YOU ALL!

            > > Sorry: many apologies to persons who
            wear Big Girl Pants, but I am am a boy who
            asked "us" to wear big boy pants, so I cannot
            say "us" and be true at same time with big girl

            . . . My post will be probably deleted.

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              • Dicko
              • 3Ht
              • 01 Jun 2021

              How to add a contact to the Home Screen?

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                • Anonymous
                • 0vF
                • 01 Jun 2020

                I have been using this device since late 2016, and still works fine. Of course there are smaller lags but what do you expect from a device that scored less than 30000 on AnTuTu? Okay for normal usage and some smaller games but don't expect high graphics and 60 fps. The standby time is amazing: more than 2 weeks!

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                  • Rob
                  • MiP
                  • 07 May 2020

                  I needed a phone that would work with Android Bulk SMS software. Works like a charm. My other Android phone would give a popup message every time I sent a bunch of messages requiring manual input. This phone does none of that and is much more stable for sending. Seeing as it cost me $40 cdn new I'm good with it.

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                    • Jacob
                    • 8pJ
                    • 14 Apr 2020

                    This is the best smartphone I have ever owned. The camera isn't great, and there is almost no space for apps, but everything else is great. it's sturdy, light, has a large screen, long battery time, greatly placed on/off button on the back... Yes. I cannot recommend it enough

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                      • ANGERY BOI
                      • QQS
                      • 22 Jan 2020

                      the fone is bad. dont buy guys. its pretty bad. have fun with lots of battery but no staoragwe space whatsoever unless u hav a beeg sd ccard

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                        • Anonymous
                        • IDh
                        • 26 Nov 2019

                        This phone is the spawn of satan.

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                          • Nash
                          • ID9
                          • 16 Oct 2019

                          This phone has always been a problem. Unfortunately this time, it is drop calls and cut-off during calls. This is very irritating and disruptive. No one seems to have a solution. I have changed the SIM Card twice, done reset three times. The problem persists. Bell wants me to buy a new phone, more expensive with less features. LG is not taking the responsibility for their product by replacing my phone and repairing the faulty one. I am going to have a repair person take a look at my phone if it is worth repairing. I shall appreciate if anyone out there has a solution for this cut-out problem.
                          I am disappointed that LG did not stand by their product. I shall never buy an LG phone.

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                            • Lance
                            • YcB
                            • 18 Sep 2019

                            Ive had this phone for over two years now and it was been great, it was on sale for $80 at walmart and has not let me down. The only limitation I have encountered is the 8gb, if you plan on having lots of apps and a game or two you will surely run out of space. Lesson learned the next phone I purchase will have more storage.

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                              • RenatoC
                              • 3xM
                              • 01 Sep 2019

                              The only phone under 5" with 4G I found on the market (years ago).
                              It is a bit slow, but it is obvious reading its specs.
                              What did you expect for this price.
                              Perfect as a 4G hotspot.
                              Bluetooth also supports SAP (rSAP) protocol to be connected to Premium VAG VOLKSWAGEN bluetooth module. This is awesome.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • cNb
                                • 31 Aug 2019

                                Prior to this I had a "flip phone". Bought this for $79.95 two years ago only so I could have an on-screen keyboard so I could text without taking 20 minutes to write 12 words. I appreciate the simple apps like a calculator and an alarm. It also plays my music. I don't need it for anything else so it's worth what I paid for it.

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                                  • LG = Less Good
                                  • keF
                                  • 16 Aug 2019

                                  DO NOT BUY this poor quality phone. Less than 2 years after purchase it is now crashed.

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                                    • Anton
                                    • QZw
                                    • 15 Jul 2019

                                    Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019Sorry I bought this phone, too many irritants to list. Tran... moreOMG, how hard can it be to transfer pictures from a phone to a computer? You just connect the phone through USB cable, enable mass storage, and boom! LOL

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 4XM
                                      • 13 Jul 2019

                                      Sorry I bought this phone, too many irritants to list. Transferring pictures to a laptop is so complicated that I gave up. Time to shop for a better product.

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                                        • lvk
                                        • nBs
                                        • 15 Apr 2019

                                        its a pretty bad Phone, but i got it as a starter and it does what its supposed to do for a very low price. i have a better Phone now, but i have grown attached to this thing. my new one broke down so i had to use this one for a little while and it is fine