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  • erica

for the first year it was ok only memory storage problems towards the end that metro pcs fixed. This year it started shutting down even with a full battery and not turning back on for hours and now for days even after doing a reset. this is the last of the k series that I am buying I had problems with the 20 and the 30 so each time I upgraded this time I'm either going with another brand or another phone altogether.

  • Ruby

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020I have the k40s This is by far the worst phone I have owne... moreMine works excellent, I have never had any problems

  • Poopsmith7

The phone needs more memory. If you move between tabs on chrome they will refresh thus losing anything that you were in the middle of on another tab. I have determined this to be a memory issue. Screen also randomly dims if a colorful ad or image comes up when scrolling.

  • Anonymous

I have the k40s
This is by far the worst phone I have owned!
It freezes doing the simplest things!
The 4g and wi-fi is just for shame!
I have to restart the phone 3-5 times a day just to get the internet working again.
I constantly have to restart apps.
Bluetooth is problamatic..
Just DON'T waste your money on this shit.

  • Leenie

I love the sound and picture quality of this phone. I am not someone who needs to download many games. I mainly need a phone for talk and text features. I stream tv on the phone and it works great! If you want a reasonably priced phone for talk, text, and occasional picture taking, the LGK40 is the phone for you.

  • Red

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2020The phone is a mess its a newer outdated piece of junk. Fir... moreIts not a gaming phone lol. Especially at $180 at the meteo store and i only paid $120 on ebay but it works fantastic for my use

  • Anonymous

When I go into apps and websites my go back and clear all icons disappear. Also when I do clear all my photo gallery pops up. Anyone else have theese problems.

  • Anonymous

The phone is a mess its a newer outdated piece of junk. First off it cant handle any games that aren't 2D. Games and Apps constantly lag. It has like 30Gbs of space but comes with 19Gb already in use wtf. Force closes apps.
I bought this to play mobile games but some how my 2012 Samsung galaxy j9 can run these games way better. Heard this phone was good BUT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT

  • MattcrafterOne

My wife and I have had great success with our LG K40's. Very fast, great graphics. No problem running all kinds of apps. Phone service has been great on Spectrum. The camera takes fantastic photos and video. Maybe we got lucky, but 2 out of 2 is pretty good. I would recommend this phone, especially for the price, you can't beat it. I was always a Samsung fan, but the bottom line LG is doing fine so far.

  • mike673

I am very upset with my LG K40 cellphone. it is Crap as far as i am Concerned! It has frequent lockups, no response from shortcut icons, High battery use, and i must do a factory reset alot. I guess you get what you pay for. Move up to an Apple Iphone if you want a better phone. This is my 2nd replacement of the Same phone. Same issues.

  • Anonymous

To add to my previous comment. (Reply to comment about glitches) I'm sure LG make great phones. Had an LG spirit that I was very impressed with. But for some reason something just went so wrong with the LG K40. Even he lower spec lg k11 demos I've tried seem great without any signs of the glitches I mentioned. If you prefer LG (especially double tap to wake/sleep) and don't need 32GB storage, rather get the older LG k10 or k11 if you can.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020This phone has glitches and is possibly the worst phone I h... moreI have the same problems. Glitches with keyboard (swipe feature has big problems no matter what keyboard i use.) Lags and freezes doing basic things like using Google maps. Stock calendar is a pain when searching for past events, click events before and half a second later it goes back to recent events only. Many android apps wouldn't work at all like they should on normal android (android 9 update seems to have significantly improved that)

You can get a Huawei y5 2019 with similar spec (2GHz processor, 2 GB RAM 32GB ROM) for about 2 thirds of the price. I wish I got that instead.

  • Anonymous

This phone has glitches and is possibly the worst phone I have ever owned. It was recommended to me as a great little phone. I wouldn't waste my money on it and it definitely wasn't worth the price. If i had a do-over, I would pick a better quality phone.

  • TH Pop

Great phone. I got Android 9 Pie this week. I wanted to get rid of it because of the 720p screen, but it's a great phone, truly.

  • Anonymous

Got the android 9 (android pie) update today for my LG k40 (2GB RAM version). I live in South Africa.

  • Charles

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019Decent midrange smartphone.I happen to own this phone it may not be the best but it does everything to an acceptable standard .

  • Anonymous

Anyone receive the android 9 update yet? What's it like? Any bugs?


  • DNice

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019the specs say 3GB RAM!YES. The disclaimer says the information provided may NOT be 100% correct

  • W

As usual more garbage disguised is mediocre Electronics from LG. It does nothing correctly that must be on account of the fact that it's processor chipset is like what 3-4 years old a 740 screen on a device made in 2019 is ridiculous his phone is literally so bad that if you gave it to me I wouldn't use it and sadly I must say that I am yet to encounter in LG that is worth more than $5 garbage display horrible UI claiming 32 gigs of storage yet the operating system and bloatware takes up 16 gigs which is by the way the most I have ever seen an operating system take up and inside a piece of crap phone like this how do you justify that honestly LG should just stick to making cheap washing machines and other household appliances that break down within a year

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019does it not have 2 gb ram and not 3gb ram ?!the specs say 3GB RAM!