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  • Anonymous

Is the phone able to take screen shots?

  • Mike

The phone is very good, it has a good receive level (I'm seeing -114dBm) which allows reception where a few of the others drop out.
Easy to drive, and yes it does have a radio.
The speaker is also able to deliver a decent level.
I bought a second one for another family member.
Price is also was very competitive considering what it does.

  • Anonymous

There is no 5ghz wifi on Greece model either.

  • Mizile

I'm using this phone, it does have a radio which works. It should be "Yes" for Radio

  • Anonymous

There is no 5ghz wifi on brazilian model.

  • nimo

why LG has problem with radio ? how many bucks are they going to save on it ?

  • Ajma


For a K series phone it seems decent

  • halo

The chin is quite big

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

2GB model should have GO edition of Android! :D