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  • Anonymous
  • Lxm
  • 30 Jan 2024

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2024The worst phone I've ever used, a Iphone 6 is better t... moreThe iphone 6 is/was good, only slowed down by Apple's planned obsolescence updates.

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    • Anonymous
    • Lxm
    • 30 Jan 2024

    Anonymous, 13 Nov 2023its a pretty terrible phone, slowest piece of technology i&... moreMove on, and if it's that bad, recycle it. Save somebody else from owning what sounds to be terrible.

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      • Anonymous
      • gK{
      • 02 Jan 2024

      The worst phone I've ever used, a Iphone 6 is better than this

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        • Anonymous
        • qaj
        • 13 Nov 2023

        its a pretty terrible phone, slowest piece of technology i've experienced since 2002. i wish i could find the guy at videotron who sold it to me and communicate not so nice words to him.

          Wanna have decent phone? Wanna scroll with smoothness? Wanna play games with avarage FPS? Well, this phone ISN'T FOR YOU! It is lagging every few seconds, it freezes every time you open an app, or turn on WiFi, or when a notification comes up. Pentium processor could do better than this phone. Just go buy something else, don't waste your money on this trash.

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            • Anonymous
            • PXk
            • 01 Mar 2023

            Being very honest i hate it, the specs are ok for what I payed. But from what I see, LG really didn't do very well with the system on it. Might be picky from me but I'll make some points:
            - When you get the phone, 16GB from the 32GB it comes with are used by the system AND if you have a sdcard, the phone literally doesn't allow you to move apps to it, so you have only so much space to install apps.
            - The extra button/assistant button can ONLY be used if you're using google assistant, no other apps are allows to use that button.

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              • Hans Vonk
              • fjS
              • 26 Dec 2022

              This has got to be the crappiest smartphone I've used in years.Lags like no man's business,something I find unusual for its so called 3GB RAM. Total waste of money

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                • IDk
                • 2Tq
                • 23 Dec 2022

                This phone doesnt even having working mobile data, literally no internet, no wifi no connection

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                  • Harre
                  • skK
                  • 05 Nov 2022

                  Very good phone, have it about 2 years now and only issue with it is that it's getting slow now

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                    • LG K41S USER
                    • gDg
                    • 31 Oct 2022

                    bad phone 2 days and it's dead cheap as hell
                    Need get a new phone quick as possible
                    I do not recommend it
                    -LG K41S IS BAD AS HELL

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                      • NO
                      • m24
                      • 26 Oct 2022

                      not worth buying it laggy

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0}K
                        • 08 Oct 2022

                        Soda, 12 Feb 2022LG K41S is just good when you use the phone for 1 day (fact... moreI am sorry but this Phone ist truely Ultra slow and laggy

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                          • Icarus
                          • sr%
                          • 10 Aug 2022

                          Where to start. It worked fine for 2 days when I bought it, but after that, it's trash. It freezes many, many, MANY times, when you try to open an app, when you change a setting, and it lags so badly! If you are thinking about playing a game on this phone, you are better of playing on a toaster than this phone. I'm confident that Nokia 3310 would have more FPS in PUBG Mobile than on LG K41s. That's all from me.

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                            • Davo
                            • i2i
                            • 03 Mar 2022

                            This phone is not worth buying. I only purchased it as my previous phone was damaged and this phone was on special at The Good Guys for $194.00.....NO WONDER !!!!
                            It's a heap of Rubbish ! Slow as a wet week, Freezes up regularly....would NOT recommend this LG 41s Mobile Phone to anyone !

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                              • Roderick
                              • 8Wr
                              • 14 Feb 2022

                              Piece of crap, the lag on this phone is un-bearable for having 3 Gigs of RAM, avoid this phone.

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                                • Soda
                                • 88J
                                • 12 Feb 2022

                                LG K41S is just good when you use the phone for 1 day (factory new). Reading a bit about the K series I found out that the hardware used in K12+ is in K41S, K12 is a android 8.1 cellphone with 3 GB of ram, 32 GB of space and his chipset is a Helio P22 MediaTek MT6762. Those specs remind you something? LG K41S is a android 10 cellphone with 3 GB of ram, 32 of space and his chipset, TAKE A GUESS MY FRIEND, is a Helio P22 MediaTek MT6762. Nice job LG

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                                  • Danny
                                  • HB2
                                  • 12 Nov 2021

                                  Ok, so I get that it is a cheap phone...
                                  But seriously, the lag on this phone during normal operation is unbearable.
                                  I found the price of Samsung phones to be getting just too expensive I have been a dedicated user of Samsung for 15 years, but thought they were pricing themselves out of my range.
                                  This LG has reshaped my thinking, I am really disappointed with it.

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                                    • Dannyabstar
                                    • wfE
                                    • 01 Sep 2021

                                    The performance of this phone is extremely poor. It struggles to even operate its own operating system smoothly. I bought this phone because I had a really good experience with a budget motorolla. The motorolla phone had less ram, so I thought this LG phone would be a good upgrade. I was completely wrong. It sometimes takes five or six seconds for the phone to process that I have pressed 'dismiss' on the alarm, meaning that I can be out in public and the alarm keeps going and going long after I've pressed dismiss two or three times. Want to take a really good photo? Good luck getting the phone to open the camera app before the moment is gone. Gameplay is completely inconsistent. Sometimes it performs adequately, but randomly the same game will be completely unplayable. That includes after I have closed every app, turned off wifi (so that nothing is downloading/updating in the background), and restarted the phone; The performance issues persists even after taking all of these recommended steps. "Life's good?" Life was better before I owned this phone. I will never purchase an LG product again and have advised the retailer where I bought the phone that they should not be selling this defective product.

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                                      • MoManJimmySmit
                                      • 7sx
                                      • 02 Apr 2021

                                      It’s a decent, low end smartphone for a pretty cheap price. It has quite a few issues with lagging when pressing on an app, unlocking the phone or even trying to lock the phone, though not enough to really interfere with use. Camera is low end but okay, and the screen looks decent enough. One major plus is the battery life, I could get almost two days of pretty heavy use before charging, and it had decent speakers as well so yeah. Great for what it’s worth, but don’t expect anything high tech.

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                                        • Josepe
                                        • 3iH
                                        • 03 Feb 2021

                                        This phone has Android 10, just got it for 110€ it has MicroSD + 2 Sim card slots, got an OS upgrade and swipe gestures.